How to send a video to the seller on Alyexpress and add to the dispute as evidence?

Shopping for Aliexpress is not always successful. To return money for a poor-quality product, you need to open a dispute. Video will be a weighty proof of your rightness.


  • When can you open a dispute with AliExpress?
  • Video: How to open a dispute on Aliexpress?
  • How to make a video for Alyexpress?
  • How do I upload a video to AliExpress in a dispute?
  • How to send a video to the seller on AliExpress?
  • The video on Alyexpress in the dispute does not load: what to do?
  • Video: How to send a video to the seller AliExpress?

When can a dispute be opened on Alyexpress?

Important: if you want to make a purchase on Aliexpress, but do not know how to do this, is our article "The first order for Aliexpress. How to make an order for Aliexpress step by step? ยป will help you to understand the intricacies of the order. Here is described in detail how to order goods, how to pay, to track the parcel. You can also use the instruction for newcomers on the official website of AliExpress.

So, you ordered the goods, safely waited for delivery, opened the package( box), and there is not exactly what you were waiting for - do not hurry to confirm receipt of goods in your account.

If the product does not meet expectations, you can open a dispute and return the money.

When you can open a dispute to Aliekspress: expectation and reality

Open debate on Aliekspress possible in such cases :

  • goods do not come
  • This product is a marriage
  • differences in color, size of the specified vendor

You can request a full refund or partial refund. Also you must indicate whether you intend to return the goods to the seller back.

Important : Please note that the return postage for the parcel will have to be taken over. Therefore, sometimes it is more expedient to agree on partial compensation of the sum of money. If the product has a marriage and is unfit for use, you can safely demand 100% compensation without returning the goods to the seller.

When opening a dispute, do not forget to describe the reason. The message should be written in the generally accepted English language, since the automatic translator does not always correctly define Russian words when translated into Chinese.

Check parcels from China for marriage

To find out how to open a dispute on Aliexpress , we suggest you watch a video on this topic.

Video: How to open a dispute on Aliexpress?

How to make a video for Alyexpress?

If adding photos to a dispute does not usually cause problems, then the video is not as easy to attach as it might seem at first glance.

First of all, you need to remove video competently and clearly

  1. The goods, marriage and other important components of the dispute should be clearly visible.
  2. Video can be shot on any device you can: camera on your phone, laptop, tablet, camera.
  3. The product should be in the frame permanently, so that there is no suspicion that you are engaged in fraud and want to deliberately deceive the seller and the service Aliexpress .
  4. It is necessary to start video recording from the moment of opening the package, as there are cases when a person spoils the goods himself. For example, I cut a thing with scissors, trying to open the package.
  5. Video can be shot in different formats: MP4, MPEG, AVI, MOV, MPV.
  6. The video size can not exceed 500 MB.

Important : if you expect an expensive parcel with Aliexpress , it's better to be safe and start video shooting from the moment the parcel is opened.

The main requirement for video is the clarity of

How do I upload a video to AliExpress in a dispute?

Site Aliexpress is improved every day, but nevertheless you can face the defects of the site. One of these flaws is the ability to attach a video.

You can attach video up to 500 MB.Many users experience difficulties with downloading videos.

But there is an output - you can download the video to a third-party resource and attach the link in the description to the dispute .

Here comes the most interesting: then the buyers have difficulties with downloading the videos;The seller claims that the site is locked in his country. Buyers often make the mistake of uploading a video to YouTube. In some countries, this resource is not available and the seller will not be able to watch the video. Google Drive does not work in China either.

Important : MediaFire is an English-language site that users use most often to attach video to a dispute.

You can also download the video on Yandex. Disk, Dropbox.

Popular cloud storage

Consider how to attach a video to Yandex. Disk:

Important : YandexDisk is the repository of your files. It is convenient to use this storage not only for the ability to attach video for a dispute on Aliexpress , but simply for storing personal photos and videos to save memory on your phone or computer.

If you do not already have a YandexDisk account, you will need to create one.

How to upload video to YandexDisk: step 1

Click " Create new login " or use an existing one. In this case, we will start a new one.

How to upload video to YandexDisk: step 2

Enter your personal data.

How to download video to YandexDisk: step 3

After confirmation, which comes to the specified phone number, the account is activated. The system will prompt you to install YandexDisk on your computer, you can accept or close this window.

How to upload video to YandexDisk: step 4

In the upper right corner you will see the "Download" button, click on it.

How to upload video to YandexDisk: step 5

Then select the file in your computer that you want to download. The download will begin.

How to upload video to YandexDisk: step 6

After downloading the file will appear in the list. Select it by ticking. This will display the file on the right side. Click Copy Link. Done!

How to upload video to YandexDisk: step 7

How to send video to the seller on AliExpress?

To send a video to the seller, paste the copied link in the description of the dispute. Be sure to write that you attach a video with a review of the goods. Otherwise, your link can be simply ignored by the seller and service of Aliexpress .

The video on Alyexpress in the dispute does not load: what should I do?

Customers often encounter difficulties when downloading video to Aliexpress .In this case, you should open the site in another browser and try to download the video again. As a rule, this method works.

Another reason why a video does not load can be the file size.

Do not forget that the size should not exceed 500 MB.If your video is more than 500 MB, you can convert it to another format and thus reduce the file size. However, the quality may be affected, which can affect the outcome of the dispute.

It is more convenient and easier to use cloud storage. However, in this case, you can face troubles. Some sites may be paid or blocked for sellers Aliexpress , or the seller will have to download a video for a long time.

Each situation is individual, you need to try different options.

Site Aliexpress is constantly evolving, so it is quite possible that in the near future the limit on the size of the video will be removed. If you have any stories related to disputes and videos on Aliexpress , share them with us.

Video: How to send a video to the seller AliExpress?