Homemade divination for New Year and Christmas: for desire, love, future, future

Christmas trees - New Year's holidays, are wrapped up not only by the joy of children and adults, but also by mysticism. At this time, it is customary to revive, as fortune telling on Christmas Eve is the most "true".


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Divination in Russia at Christmas: traditions

Tradition of celebrating Christmas in Russia on January 7 started back in the beginning of the 19th century from the official transition to theGregorian calendar. Some people "instantly switched" to new dates, others began to celebrate "double holidays"( as, for example, New Year and Old Year).

It was customary for the Orthodo

x people of to observe the post before Christmas , go to church, honor church holidays. However, not everyone observed all Christian traditions, in particular, young people. So it happens in our time. However, the custom of guessing on Christmas Eve has survived until now .As a rule, the fortune-telling began on Christmas night and lasted until the Epiphany on January 19.

INTERESTING: The strongest and most truthful was considered to be the divination that took place on a festive night from 6 to 7 January, as well as from 18 to 19.

How was it to guess in Russia at Christmas time?

was especially popular with for young girls and unmarried women. They guessed, basically, on the betrothed and love. Those ladies who were already married, just could engage in a fortune for the sake of fun or interest : for the future, fortunately, for money, for children.

It is interesting that most of the fortune-telling fortunes that have survived to our times, assumes its holding in the village. Such divination can not be done in a modern apartment. Therefore, if you want to carry out a specific ritual for committing on approaching holidays, the is important to find a really suitable place for it.

The most popular fortune-tellers were: divination with a ring, bread, crochet, through a mirror, by throwing it over the fence of the boot. Each of the fortunetelling needed to be able to correctly interpret , because at that time it was important to have a good imagination.

On Christmas Eve in Russia it was customary to greet guests while standing on the doorstep. At the same time, often those who came to the house were given presents. Some guests frankly "demanded" gifts and at that time sang songs, read poems that wished the owners of the house happiness and prosperity.

INTERESTING: All these customs were far from politeness and festive mood. Noisy guests "scared" the house of evil spirits, not allowing them to harm their masters. The same, in turn, "thanked" their defenders.

Divination in Russia at Christmas

The Christmas tree ( time from January 7 to 19) was an incredibly mystical holiday for every Orthodox. It was believed that along with the living people of along the streets wander devils, witches and other entities. I've been wondering at Christmas time because only then could get the most accurate answers to all the exciting issues of , because it will be helped by mystical power.

INTERESTING: Guessing could be done alone or with the whole family. Young girls often gathered in small groups, so that the charity was fun, interesting, and most importantly - could not scare. Many stories tell us that if anyone guessed one, he often went insane because he did it wrong or had the opportunity to see something from the other world.

Video: "Divination in Russia"

Divination for the New Year and for Christmas: for love

Guessing with the coin:

You will need a coin that has a history, value or value. You will need a collectible, antique or royal coin made from any metal.

IMPORTANT: If you do not have the opportunity to guess an expensive coin, you can use the most common of the purse. But, for this you should charge your coin with your energy. Wear it for three days with you, in your pocket or on your body, touch it regularly, talk to it.

In addition to the coin you will need a white saucer. We say exactly at midnight. This time is considered the most mystical and predisposed for divination. Have a black marker with you, they can write important words and symbols.


  • Tune in to fortune telling, mute the light and try to eliminate unnecessary noise in the house. Think alone.
  • Place the saucer in front of you on the table
  • Mark the saucer divide into 4 pieces of equal size.

Each sector must be identified by the word:

  • Upper left - "ON"
  • Upper right - "ON"
  • Lower left - "WE"
  • Lower right - "AS"


  • You need to take a coin in hand and put it straight to the center of the saucer.
  • It is necessary to sharply spin the coin so that it starts moving and twirling, stopped in one sector.
  • Before you start to spin a coin or during its rotation, you will need to ask a question, the answer to which can be the answer written on the saucer.

Other Interpretation:

  • "HE" is a problem in your lover.
  • "SHE" - you have a rival in a romantic relationship.
  • "I" - you have problems that do not allow the events to unfold the way you want.
  • "WE" - you will be fine and you will be able to find your love.
Interesting fortune telling

Guessing on the groom with an old boot:

This guessing assumes that the name of the suitor will try to find the girl "extradited" . For this, at midnight on Christmas Eve, needs to get out of the house into the courtyard, taking with them an old boot. After this, it is necessary to turn your back on the fence and, pulling your arm back, throw your boots over the fence with all your might.

It is believed that the boot will fall in the direction that indicates the girl on the road to the betrothed. That's why such guessing was popular in the village: each path led to a certain house. It is simply impossible to make such a fortune-telling in a city with multi-apartment buildings.

  • For this simple guessing you will need a decanter, water and a glass.
  • You will need to pour water from a larger vessel into a smaller one.
  • It is important to say the following special words: "You will get tired on the road, but I have water. You come to me, betrothed and I'll give you a drink. "
  • These words should be spoken very gently and affectionately, in a pleasant voice.
  • Repeat the phrase three times.
  • The last time water is poured into a glass. This glass is placed at the head of the bed.
  • He must stand by you all night. If you dream a man - this is your betrothed. If no one dreams, then, for you, it's just not time for a serious relationship.
  • Divination, speaking of romantic events

    Guessing in the name of a married man:

    This is one of the oldest and simplest fortunetelling that came to us from Ancient Rus. It assumes that an unmarried woman should go out on Christmas Eve to the street and find the first person to meet. And it must be a man.

    You need to ask the name of this man. It is believed that this name will be fateful for a woman and will be the same( or similar), like the name of a mated. Of course, it was customary in Russia to run out into the streets with groups of young girls, which made the fun, fun and completely non-strange.

    Simple fortune-telling for women

    Guessing on a betrothed with a broom, comb:

    Take for a fortune-telling broom that is stored in your house and already managed to sweep the floor of .Break a few twigs on the broom. Of twigs you should weave a kind of bridge. This "bridge" needs to be stored under the pillow overnight .Before going to bed, say the phrase: " my betrothed, transfer me across the bridge." At night you should dream the desired image.

    In the absence of a broom( this often happens in modern apartments), you can use your comb .To do this, you should carefully comb the hair, put the comb under the pillow, say: "Cut off, comb my hair, comb my head". After that go to bed. Dream will present you the image of the future lover.

    Interesting divinations

    Divination by New Year and Christmas on desire

    Guessing on desire with paper:

    It's good to do fortune-telling on a Christmas or New Year's Eve. Divination is long and requires your patience.

    for the process is useful to you:

    • basin of water
    • Paper
    • handle
    • Candle


    • Enter the water in a basin or bowl large
    • Write all your dreams come true onPieces of paper and spread them around the pelvis.
    • Light the candle. Wait until it flames and begins to melt.
    • Your hand should be even above the center of the pelvis with water.
    • Tilt the candle so that droplets of wax fall into the center of the pelvis.
    • Several, or even one drop of wax, will be enough.
    • Wait until the frozen wax can be sent to one side.
    • The side to which the wax will be sent will "tell" you that this desire will come true in the near future.
    Define: come true desire or not, help guessing

    Guessing at Christmas time and Christmas Future

    Guessing at the future with the help of a mirror:

    For this fortune telling, you will need a set of tools:

    • Mirror
    • Water
    • Decanter
    • Candles( 3 pcs.)


    • Fill the carafe with water( it is advisable that it is a permanent three days in your house water).
    • Place three candles around the carafe( ordinary or church candles).
    • Light up the candles
    • Place the mirror in front of you so that you will share a carafe with water.
    • Through the thickness of the water, you must consider your future.

    IMPORTANT: It's only your imagination that will help to correctly interpret what you see in the highlights. In order to see something understandable( or even see something), it is necessary to use a carafe made of thin smooth glass. In extreme cases, if there is no decanter, use an ordinary glass beaker.

    How to know the future with the help of divination?

    Divination of the future with the help of patterns on the mirror:

    This divination will let you know what will happen to you in the new year. All that you need for divination is a mirror. But, guessing will be impossible, if in the street, to put it mildly, "not the winter weather".


    • Embed the mirror with water
    • Go out with him alone
    • You need to go out into the streets at Christmas time, at midnight.
    • Wait until the frost can draw a frozen pattern on the mirror.
    • Begin the interpretation on the street, or bring the mirror home.

    Interpretation of patterns:

    • Circles - a pattern tells you that next year you will experience financial difficulties.
    • A square pattern indicates that next year you will be able to experience a lot of all sorts of problems and disappointments.
    • A triangle is a pattern that foreshadows you success in any business for next year.
    • The Christmas tree is a pattern that says that the new year will "bring" you a huge amount of work and work.
    • Direct lines are a sign that the coming year will be calm for you and there will be no problems in it.
    • Smooth wavy lines - a pattern foreshadowing the care of loved ones, the warmth of relatives and families, a good attitude of friends.
    • Zigzags - portends an active, hilarious year, a lot of emotions and events.
    • Points and specks are a pattern telling you that next year will be full of good events, finished deeds and work brought to an end.
    • The face of a person or muzzle of an animal - a pattern foreshadows a major change in your life in the new year.
    • Divorce and stain - your destiny has not yet been defined so clearly to give an accurate interpretation.
    Mirror - a magical attribute

    Divination with a book for the future:

    This is a simple fortune telling that can literally "talk" with a person. For divination, you should choose the right time: midnight. For fortune-telling, you can use any informative book, written in the artistic text ( preferably choose works of literary art).

    Take the book and stay with it one by one: hug the book, press to the heart, attach to the forehead. Try to mentally transfer the book all your experiences and ask the most exciting question. Close your eyes and open the book on any page, point your finger at any paragraph. Open your eyes and read one or two sentences on which your finger stopped. The written text is the answer to your question.

    The book can become a magical attribute

    Guessing for the future with a saucer of water:


    • Put in a saucer of water
    • Take the saucer to the street, leave it for the night( you can put it on the balcony).
    • Saucer must stand until morning
    • In the morning you should consider the frozen water and interpret it.


    • Waves - pattern foreshadows pleasant events next year, joyful meetings, travel.
    • Smooth - the next year will not be alarming for you, any business will have a good end.
    • A sharp crust, thorns - the next year will become active for you, you will always be in motion, in the center of events.
    • Hole - portends penniless, problems with money and health in the new year.
    How to define your future fortune-telling?

    Guessing for the future with the help of a chain:

    For divination you will need only a long chain of any metal and a surface on which you can throw it. A picture that comes out of a chain can tell you about the future.

    Interpretation of patterns:

    • Straight line - you will be favored by luck.
    • Snake - beside you foe and envious
    • Triangle - good luck in any business: love, work, acquaintance
    • Circle - financial difficulties
    • Oval - you will often find yourself in an unfavorable situation
    • Heart - heralds you a love meeting andRomantic acquaintance.
    • Node - health and financial problems
    • Bantam - marriage, a meeting of the fortified
    • The new year's loop will bring you many difficulties, but you can handle it all.
    • Zigzag - a rugged, eventful year
    • Flower - joy, pleasure and entertainment in the new year
    Modern divination by old customs

    How to guess on the Old New Year?

    The Old New Year carries the energy of the ancient Slavic holiday. On this day, from January 13 to January 14, it is also customary to be engaged in fortune-telling, in order to learn the name of the betrothed, the events of the future, or to imagine the fulfillment of desires.


    • Fortune Telling is a simple ritual. On paper write everything you want to receive and are afraid to lose. Next, the sheet crumples in his hands, but not too tightly. Put a candle in front of a white empty wall, and a lump of paper between the wall and the candle. By the shadow that will lie on the wall and should read the interpretation. Guessing on an engagement ring.
    • . For divination, you need to take the ring from a married lady, but you can not touch it with your hands. Ask the woman to take off the ring and tie it to the string. This attribute should be asked questions and kept above the open palm. If the ring will make a smooth movement in the form of a line - the answer is "no" if the circle is the answer "yes".
    • Guessing on wax - for this you need a candle and a cup of water. Be in the room with candles, fill the cup with water and put it in front of you. Point the candle to the center of the cup and gently allow the wax to drip into the water. The resulting figure should be interpreted as a sign that foreshadows future events or the answer to a question.
    • Divination by the grains. For this divination, it is best to use coffee beans, but if they are not available, any grains and croup will be useful. To do this, dip the palm into the grain and grab it in a handful. Keeping in the grain barley, ask them a question, the answer to which can be yes or no. Count all the grains, add up all the numbers in the sum. For example, 247 = 2 + 4 + 7 = 13 = 1 + 3 = 4. If the number is even, the answer is "no", if the odd number is the answer "yes".

    Video: "Christmas fortune-telling for Christmas"