School Fashion 2016 - 2017 year. Fashionable school uniforms, dresses, blouses, suits, shoes for children and teenagers

Do you plan to buy a school forum for your child, but do not know what will be fashionable in the next school year? We will introduce you to the main fashion novelties, and also tell you how to choose shoes for them.


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The new school year is just around the corner, so most parents start preparing children for school. If your child does not go to the first class, then you probably know how difficult it is to pick up a suit or blouse so that they like the child.

Modern children do not want to be like others, so even the school uniform is trying to choose the most original.

But this year parents can be calm. Designers have developed a lot of new models that will not look very catchy, but at the same time they can emphasize the individuality of the schoolboy.

Color of school uniform 2016-2017: burgundy, blue, gray, green, blue

School uniform in gray color

We are all used to the fact that the colors of the school uniform should be as calm and not irritating to the eyes. Following these rules, parents often select for their children kits of gray or black.

In principle, this color scheme has a right to exist, but if your school does not have a regulated school uniform, you can try to dress the child in more cheerful colors.

Not a bad option will be models made of burgundy, muted green and even blue. Such costumes will look more interesting, especially if you correctly pick up blouses and shirts.

blue school uniform

choosing a color for the form, be sure to keep in mind that:

  • dark blue and dark green shades have a positive effect on mental activity
  • student school uniform purple color will make the child more disciplined and confident. This color scheme is best suited fidgets, which can not long focus on one lesson
  • All shades of gray are children comforting, so if you want to make the learning process took place as much as possible, efficiently, then wear their child is in a range of colors
  • Bright colorsSuch, for example, as saturated blue and blue are very much irritating to the eyes, for this reason, these outfits are best combined with other shades. If the jacket of the school uniform is blue, then the trousers should be gray or black.
  • A familiar combination of black and white is now considered not a good choice. Such a set can only be bought for festive events. If the child will walk in it every day, then it may have problems concentrating

fashionable style uniforms 2016-2017

Options uniforms custom combinations for girls

Most of us associate with the school uniform trouser suit for boys and quite conservativeA dress of brown or blue for girls. But fashion does not stand still, and even manufacturers of school uniforms try every year to come up with novelties that can surprise the most fastidious student.

If you go to the store, then in addition to standard classic outfits you can find there more interesting and original sets that have fashionable styles.

School uniform for the full figure

Fashionable school uniform 2016-2017:

  • For younger schoolchildren .Children of this age group are almost all the time in motion, so their school uniform should be as free as possible and in no case should they be held back. Designers offer to dress these students in the costumes of the classic cut. For a boy, you can pick up kits from a jacket and trousers or alternatively choose an elegant pair. For the girl, you can pick up a kit consisting of a sun-flared skirt and a slightly fitted jacket with a collar-stand
  • For teens. At this age, children are already beginning to strive for individuality, so it will be better if you forget about standard outfits and pay attention to more fashionable things. Boys like the costumes of the troika with original trim or slightly narrowed trousers, supplemented by a single-colored cardigan. Girls of this age group can already afford to wear not only standard suits consisting of a skirt and a jacket, but, for example, sundresses with a fluffy skirt and a blouse with a sleeve in three quarters.
  • School uniform in full shape. If your child is overweight, then in any case, do not buy him hangers. But this does not mean that your child should be dressed and in very loose clothes. In this case, it is very important to find the golden mean. Boys are best to pick up trousers with a slightly inflated waist and complement their shirts with a ruffle or monophonic jelly. Girls best to opt for dresses or sundresses trapezoidal long just below the knee

school uniform for boys

variants of school uniform for boys
  • This year, school uniform boys will be possible to remind the business of clothes. Designers offer to dress even first-graders in strict suits without any patches and draperies. Dilute the severity of this naiad will help a shirt with light colors and an elegant satin tie
  • . In case you do not plan to buy separately a daily and festive set, then immediately pick up a butterfly in the tone of his shirt. Unlike everything else, this accessory does not need to be monophonic. If the child likes, then he can be sewn from a fabric to a small peas or a cell
  • . In case your child categorically does not recognize jackets, then try to pick up for him a comfortable waistcoat of dark blue or dark green color. He will be able to wear it for open lessons, solemn rulers and olympiads. In the remaining days, the trousers, depending on the weather, are best complemented with thin raglan, warm sweaters or usual classic shirts.
  • As for the shirts, there should be at least three of them. One child will wear solely for festive events, and two others will wear every day. And it will be better if they have completely different styles. For the hot season it is necessary to pick up a t-shirt that is worn untucked, and for colder days, you will need a model with long sleeves

school uniform for girls

Options uniforms for
  • girls Almost all designers offer young women of fashion this year, forget about the strict classical costumes. Therefore, you can quite easily choose a pleated skirt, a shortened dress or a sarafan with the original drapery of
  • . And only after all these things have been bought can you choose a jacket for them. And if you think that this part of the ladies' wardrobe is incapable of being original, then the designers have come up with something to surprise you. They made the jacket as tight as possible and significantly shortened it
  • If you want, you can choose models with different styles of sleeves. They can have a strict classical cut, gentle embroidery and original satin or guipure inserts. The most courageous women of fashion can choose a jacket with a short sleeve
  • But if you decide on such a purchase, then be sure to choose some quiet and monotonous blouses or turtlenecks that will not break out from the general color scheme. Another trend of this school year will be sarafans
  • The most pleasant thing is that they can be both completely calm, and have a pretty interesting coloring. If your school has a regulation requiring you to buy only gray or black clothes, then try to add brightness sundress using bright tights. With gray and black sets, blue, blue, chocolate and green tights will look very good.

School blouses for girls

Teenage blouses for school
  • A beautiful, perfectly seated blouse can make the most delicate attire more delicate. In this school year, the models with elegant jabot and air inserts from the finest lace
  • will be fashionable again. The only thing you should consider when choosing a blouse for a schoolgirl is what material it is made of. The model that is designed for schoolgirls should not be transparent at all, so try to make this part of the wardrobe out of fairly dense materials.
  • Girls who prefer to wear trousers rather than skirts like blouse shirts. But keep in mind that such models do not look very nice with jackets, so you have to choose an additional blouse with buttons or a vest
  • . From the very childhood, the women trying to follow the fashion will be able to replenish their wardrobe with fitted blouses with sleeves with a flashlight V-neck
  • If we talk about the color scale of this element of the wardrobe, then in the first place, of course, light shades. Blouse can be white, cream, peach or pale pink

School dresses

School dress for high school students

If earlier the school dress was a baggy outfit, brown without the slightest hint of elegance, now little fashionistas can pick up enough interesting models for themselves. This element of the school wardrobe can have a completely different color, it can be gray, burgundy, blue, green or black.

A white lace collar, elegant embroidery or a different color and texture of the hem of the hem and sleeves can dilute the uniformity of the school dress.

Fashions of fashionable school dresses 2016-2017:

  • Dress-case. Most of all, this outfit suits high school students. If you supplement it with a thin strap in the tone of the fabric and non-slipping boat shoes, the image will turn out to be very gentle.
  • Dress with a flared skirt. Such models look very good on girls of any age. Here the most important thing is correctly determined that you will be more suitable pleating or trapezoid
  • Dress with a tulip skirt. This model is very elegant. The voluminous bottom of the dress emphasizes the lightness and tenderness of the schoolgirl and focuses on her slender waist.
  • Dresses with drapery. Dresses trimmed with ruffles, flounces and satin ribbons, are ideal for girls of primary school age. Such bright and strongly noticeable details make a quiet school dress more interesting and spectacular.

Fashionable school suits for boys

Original fashion costumes for boys
  • Usually the standard school uniform of a boy consists of a strict costume and a light shirt. But it's understandable, it's extremely inconvenient to walk in such attire every day. Therefore, fashion designers give the opportunity for schoolchildren to choose for themselves more free bows
  • If the school rules allow, then you can try to pick up for the child a combination with narrowed trousers, shirt and waistcoat. In case you decide to completely abandon the purchase of a standard school uniform, then for the cold season, you will need to pick a few quiet cardigans in black, blue or burgundy colors
  • . Now let's take a closer look at what pants can be worn in this trainingYear. A win-win option, of course, will be direct models with arrows. But since they will require almost daily ironing, then whenever possible try to pick up for the son trousers sewn, for example, corduroy
  • This material looks very good, almost does not crumple and is very comfortable to wear. But remember, the color of these pants should be as calm as possible. If you do not want to have your child's problems at school, then give preference to black, dark brown and dark gray

Fashion school suits

girls Fashion School costumes
  • girls Most modern schools has its derss code, soEven girls have to find suitable suits for themselves. But if earlier they were limited to only a skirt and a jacket, they can now afford a model with trousers, sarafans and even
  • waistcoats for girls of primary school age the best option will be the costumes, consisting of an elegant shortened jacket sundress with a magnificent bottom and a light blouse, Decorated with lace. Of course, the child will not always be comfortable to attend classes in the sarafan, so if you have the opportunity, then pick up for your daughter also a classic cut of trousers and an elegant blouse, knitted from fine wool
  • . If such a bow seems very loose, it can be supplemented with an originalVest, draped with satin ribbons. Senior students can afford more interesting costumes. If a figure is all right, the girls can go to school in a skirt-FPGAs and form-fitting jacket with short sleeves
  • In addition, the young of the fair sex can choose for themselves the costumes consisting of a narrowed down trousers and slim line blouse with wide sleeves. The color of the blouses in this case should be sufficiently restrained. If possible, wear trousers with such models outfits peach, lemon or mint muted shades

school shoes Fashion 2016-2017

Choosing shoes for school

choosing baby shoes for school, always remember that in this case its trendiness should take a back seat. After all, if you buy the most fashionable shoes, but your child will feel uncomfortable in them, then simply throw money away.

For this reason, it is very important to approach this school form element very responsibly. If you are not shy in finances, then buy your son or daughter leather shoes on the most comfortable sole with a strengthened back.

Fashionable school shoes:

  • For girls. Autumn 2016 designers offer to shoe their children in classic models, sewn from natural materials. Their color scheme should ideally be combined with the rest of the outfit, but at the same time a little will stand out against the general background. So if, for example, you buy a black school uniform for your daughter, then her shoes should be burgundy or chocolate
  • For boys. In this case, you can dispense with classic models of black or brown, with a slightly rounded toe. If your son goes to the first class, it will be better if you pick up models for him on Velcro. But children of the older age group can afford shoes with lacing, decorated with small rivets and leather decorative elements.

Rules for choosing a school uniform Form 13

  • How comfortable the learning process will depend on the school uniform. Therefore, choosing the outfit for your child, first of all pay attention to the material from which it is sewn. For the school uniform, the use of
  • synthetic fabrics is unacceptable. Although this significantly reduces the cost of kits, these materials are very inconvenient to wear. Since such tissues are unable to pass air normally, the heat exchange is disturbed under them, which in its very provocation, the overheating of the body of the schoolboy, and the appearance of various allergic rashes.
  • . If you buy a three-piece suit, then carefully look at all the elements of the form fit well on the schoolchild. In the event that any part of the outfit hangs or does not fit the length, then refuse to purchase. But even if the school uniform is perfectly seated on the child and you like its color, style and material from which it is sewn, be sure to check the presence of a special birch on the jacket or sarafan
  • The absence of a tag will indicate that the product has not been certified and may harm your child's health. In general, try to get a form in specially designated places for this, and preferably from trusted sellers. Only so, if necessary, you can change the goods or get money back for it.

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