What are the coupons for Alyexpress, what do they give, what are they for? How do I get and use the seller's coupon on Aliexpress?

Buy an item on You can buy Aliexpress at a ridiculous price, because in addition to various discounts, the trading floor offers coupons for various amounts.

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  • What are Coupons for Aliexpress, what are they for?
  • How to find discounted coupons for Aliexpress from the website?
  • Where can I find AliExpress coupons?
  • How to get a discount from other sources?
  • How do I use the coupon from the seller to Aliexpress?
  • How to pay for a purchase with Aliexpress coupon?
  • Are coupons returned on cancellation of purchase on Alyexpress?
  • How do I use the coupon if the order amount is less than the required amount?
  • Video: Layfak: How to get free coupons for Aliexpress?

Aliexpress is a global trading platform on the Internet that has long been outside the network and has gained popularity all over the world. Everyday hundreds of thousands of buyers of and sellers please each other with numerous purchases and a variety of goods for ridiculous and affordable

for every price.

Thus to buy the liked thing it is possible even more cheaply , after all on Алиэкспресс there are coupons giving the considerable discount for the goods.

To make the first order for the Aliexpress , read the instructions for registering, searching for the goods, payment and delivery of on the official website here or read the article on our website " First order for Aliexpress ".

What are Coupons for Aliexpress, what are they for?

Coupons for Aliexpress is a great opportunity to save your budget and buy the item you like. In this case, you absolutely do not need to fulfill any conditions, or make a purchase for a certain amount - you can get the coupon by simply browsing the site .

There are many ways to get coupons for aliexpress There are many ways to get coupons on Aliexpress

The use of coupons is not tied to the to any specific date of , because you can get a discount on any thing you like every day.

At least once in your life, but you saw coupons from retail stores of products, household chemicals and other goods. Coupons from online stores do not differ from the above:

  • You also get a discount for the specified amount;
  • You can spend a coupon on any product among the offered;
  • Coupon action is also limited in time;
  • The number of discount coupons is also limited;
Discounts for goods can be very significant Discounts on goods can be very significant

The main reason for distributing coupons by the seller - n is to increase the sales level and attract a new audience. For us, it's a way to save money and save your money on purchases. AliExpress gives an opportunity to receive a discount for two coupons:

  • From the seller

The effect of such coupons applies exclusively to the assortment of the same manufacturer. They can be found on the product page.

  • From the internet site

These coupons are used to register discounts for all products without exception.

How to find discounted coupons for Aliexpress from the website?

At the end of a certain season, when there is a need to sell residual or goods in stock , sellers sell the goods with coupons. In this case, discounts are simply huge, you most importantly have time for distribution. The discount amount is displayed on the product page.

You do not have to worry if you did not get a discount from one seller. The other will still give no less discount , because the competition on AliExpress is crazy, and sellers want to sell their goods.

Coupons from AliExpress are obtained in several ways:

  • Specials for the most active users .The information on discounts for such users is sent to them on the electronic box, where the amount they can count on is already indicated. Only the account owner can use them.
  • When ordering for a certain amount. These coupons are issued as prizes with participation in flash games, promotions and contests on the website AliExpress. Discounts are only available for one account.
Aliexpress Coupons Coupons Aliexpress
  • Promo codes are distributed on the eve of some holiday or events in advance. Usually these discounts are valid only on the day of sales, timed to the holiday. They are global, that is, anyone can get them if they manage to fulfill the necessary conditions before distributing the coupons.
  • Coupons of a particular store you can also buy on this page of the site and use it when purchasing at the specified time on it.
  • You can also get special coupons for Ajaxpress .About how to obtain and use spetskupony on our website dedicated to the article « How to obtain and use the special coupon on Aliekspress:. Rules «
  • use the service cashback sites. Too high competition among sellers led to the fact that the sellers themselves are willing to pay those sites that will attract new customers to them. This is the basis of the work of Cashback.

Where can I find AliExpress coupons?

Few people know, but on the site itself there is catalog of all coupons .This page, unfortunately, is not translated into Russian, but there and so everything is clear. Section "Coupons" provides all information about the discounts on the site. We remind you that the number of coupons is limited!

Coupons can be found or exchanged for coins Coupons can be found or exchanged for coins

Find the same coupons you can even without performing any action. Often, those who actively study the site and like to view the new items simply get a coupon .Others also have to make purchases and wait for special holiday dates, when the issuance of coupons is activated.

How to get a discount from other sources?

Discount coupons can be obtained from partners Aliekspress:

  • Bank Tinkoff long worked with this sales platform and allows the owner of the credit car at big discounts and bonuses.
  • Mobile application Aliexpress .Download this program to your smartphone and you will immediately get a coupon for a few dollars. And playing in the app and earning bonuses, get the opportunity to exchange them for coupons.
  • Shopping from the Corn card gives you $ 5 bonuses to your account.
Get a discount on the coupon can be and from partners aliekspress you can get a discount on the coupon from the partners Aliexpress
  • By improving the machine translation of site from English to Russian, you can receive coupons in gratitude for your help.
  • Every week there passes contest for fans of AliExpress .Winners receive a $ 50 coupon.
  • Each product has buttons with social network icons. Repeats links in these services also bring coupons.

How do I use the coupon from the seller to Aliexpress?

You can get a discount from the seller by clicking on the discount amount icon on the product page.

These discounts apply only to the assortment of one seller. Also, just bargaining with the seller Aliexpress , you can beat yourself a good discount on a flat spot.

So, the instruction for getting a discount:

  • On the page of the selected product, click on the discounted icon.
  • Having chosen the characteristics of the product, go to the " Your cart " section.
  • Choose the icon « Get the coupon code of the seller ».
  • Choose an interesting discount and place an order.

How to pay for a purchase with Aliexpress coupon?

In order to use the received coupon on Aliexpress , you must follow a simple instruction:

  1. Choose the item of interest;
  2. Add to cart;
  3. Go to the first page of the order when necessary;
  4. When confirming the information, tick the box and select the coupon from all the available ones;
  5. Next, you just pay the order and wait for it to arrive.

It is important to remember that in order to use the coupon, you must fulfill a number of requirements. It can be:

  • The cost of buying .The main condition for using coupons is the total purchase price. For example, a $ 5 coupon is valid for a purchase of $ 50.That is, you must buy goods for $ 50 to pay $ 45.
  • Time .Some coupons are limited in time to use until a certain date. After the expiry of the term you will not be able to use them.
  • Coupon assignment. Coupon can be attached to a specific section in the online store, I mean a coupon for the purchase of underwear, outerwear, jewelry.

Are coupons returned on cancellation of purchase on Alyexpress?

Sometimes coupons can not be used because of incorrect and rash actions on the site .One of them is the refusal of the purchase for which the coupon was issued. To avoid misunderstandings and not to lose the desired discount, do not forget that:

  • If you refuse a part of the goods, the coupon Aliexpress is not refundable;
  • If the entire order is canceled, the coupon will be returned to the account;
  • Sellers do not return their coupons under any pretext.
Be careful, because after canceling a purchase, you can lose a coupon discount Be careful, because canceling a purchase, you can lose a discount on the coupon

How do I use the coupon if the order amount is less than the required amount?

For example, for using the coupon at $ 40 you need to collect purchases for $ 200, and you only need a thing for 150 evergreens. To make a purchase in this situation is realistic; for this, only is necessary to follow such items:

  • Add the item to the basket;
  • Choose one more product for the missing amount;
  • Doing a general purchase;
  • Apply the coupon and make out the order;
  • Go to the "Orders" section and you will find two separate orders that require payment. And the discount is divided between orders proportionally: the goods for $ 200 now cost 170, and the second $ 40;
  • We cancel the second order and pay the first one. Thus, the discount was $ 30 from $ 150 for the purchase of the necessary item.

Coupons for Aliexpress is a pleasant addition to a variety of shopping that will allow to save money significantly. Be active on the site, do not forget to visit your beloved Ali during the holidays and various sales and you are sure to be lucky enough to receive coupon for discount at Aliexpress.

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