From the pumpkin that cook? The best recipes for jam, jam, jam, confiture of pumpkin

Pumpkin jam is a delicious autumn dessert? Is it possible to cook pumpkin with jam? Read the article, in it you will find the answers to these questions.


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  • Jam from a pumpkin with orange and lemon
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  • Pumpkin jam with orange and lemon
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Have you heard of plum, strawberry, lemon or apple jam? With a high probability it is possible to answer: "Yes, heard!".Perhaps some of the types of jam listed are you even tried. But do you know about pumpkin jam? Or about a gourd confiture? And this also happens.

Jam, jam and confiture of pumpkin are obtained especially fragrant and moderately sweet. They have a rich orange color and a pleasant consis


This pumpkin jam is very tasty! This pumpkin jam is very tasty!

jam with orange pumpkin recipe

This jam will keep you warm in the autumn melancholy moments, cold weather and will be the perfect complement to a cup of hot coffee in the morning. Be sure to do this jam if you appreciate home comfort, warmth and kind atmosphere.

Pumpkin-orange jam from autumn melancholy Pumpkin-orange jam from the autumn blues

jam and orange pumpkin. Recipe №1


  • pumpkin - 2 kg
  • sugar - 2 kg
  • water - 2 cups 200 mL
  • oranges - 4 pieces


  • Pumpkin is very good to clean from the pulp, threads, seeds, peel
  • Oranges to water with boiling water, so that the bitterness is gone. Clear, beaten in a blender until a homogeneous puree
  • Make sugar syrup by mixing water, sugar, and boiled down to a state of very liquid jam
  • Cut pumpkin into cubes with an edge of 2 cm
  • Pour pumpkin cubes still hot sweet syrup and leave in dark place at2-3 hours, so that the pumpkin soaked in sugar and became sweet
  • Put the simmered pumpkin soaked in a slow fire. Boil minutes 20
  • Add the orange puree, cook for another 20 minutes
  • Dilute jam over sterile jars, roll up
Aromatic pumpkin-orange preserves Aromatic pumpkin-orange jam

Jam from pumpkins and oranges. Recipe №2


  • pumpkin - 1.5 kg
  • sugar - 1.5 kg
  • orange -
  • 200 g water - 200 mL


  • pumpkin Prepare as in the previousrecipe
  • Cut autumn vegetables into small cubes
  • Orange clear from the peel to get rid of the seeds. Sometimes you need to remove the white walls
  • Beat of orange in a blender puree
  • In a saucepan with a thick and wide bottom layers put the pumpkin in orange sauce, sugar, alternating them. The height of the layer is not more than 2 cm
  • Remove for 20 minutes in a dark warm place.
  • Pour the contents of the pan after the time has elapsed. Boil the jam on low heat, stirring frequently, for 35 minutes, then stir over the jars and cork
Jam from orange and pumpkin Jam from orange and pumpkin

Pumpkin jam with lemon for the winter

If the jam from the pumpkin and orange is the most pleasantRainy autumn, then pumpkin-lemon jam is actual cold winter. It contains a lot of vitamins, including vitamin C, which is not necessary in the winter months, so as not to catch cold. Jam from pumpkin and lemon. Recipe No.1


  • pumpkin - 2 kg
  • lemon - 300 g
  • sugar - 1.5 kg
  • clove, cardamom or cinnamon - 2 boxes or sticks


  • Pumpkin to release from seeds, all pulp with white threads, peeled, cut into cubes medium
  • Cover pumpkin sugar and remove for 3-6 hours in a dark place at room temperature( can be slightly warmer)
  • Lemon same cut into cubes, remove seeds
  • The pan with pumpkin sugar cubes and addLemon, sunSpices( but possible without them), cook for 30 minutes
  • After cooking remove cinnamon sticks and carnation bolls
  • Spread jam over jars, roll up
Pumpkin-lemon jam Pumpkin-lemon jam

Jam from pumpkin and lemon. Recipe №2


  • pumpkin - 1.5 kg
  • sugar - 0.8 kg lemon
  • -
  • 200 g water - 200 mL


  • pumpkin release from the pulp, Peel, seeds and threads, cut into cubes with an edge of 1-1.5 cm
  • Next you need to twist the pumpkin through a meat grinder, or punch in a blender to make a mashed potatoes. Pre pumpkin can bake, boil and simmered in a pan, adding a little water to make it soft
  • Lemon whipped into mashed previously cleared of stones
  • Connect sugar, pumpkin and lemon puree, simmer 30 minutes, stirring constantly
  • During cookingJam becomes clear enough
  • Pour over cans, roll up
Liquid lemon and lemon jam and winter Liquid pumpkin-lemon jam and winter

Pumpkin jam with lemon and ginger

This jam is useful for moms,ed kids get sick so often. This is a real vitamin blend, a bomb against a cold.

Ginger adds a special piquancy to jam, a note of witticism and a divine fragrance.

Attention! Jam is prepared in a cold way!


  • pumpkin - 500 g
  • lemon - 150 g
  • honey( liquid) - 250 g
  • ginger - 150 g
  • spices( cinnamon, cardamom, black pepper, nutmeg) -To taste


  • Pumpkin is freed from seeds, peel, filaments, cut into cubes with 2 cm ribs, twisted through a meat grinder or beaten in a blender
  • Lemon, too, twist through a meat grinder, or simply finely chop with a blender, Removing the seeds. Cover the skin with
  • Ginger with the rind finely grated
  • Mix the pumpkin puree, honey, ginger, lemon and spices, mix
  • Pump the pumpkin jam over sterile jars, close tightly with lids
  • Keep this pumpkin jam better in a refrigerator, cellar orAny other cool place
Pumpkin jam with lemon and ginger Pumpkin jam with lemon and ginger

To the noteholders! Ginger can be added to any jam with pumpkin, from those given in that article. Only add it you need at the very end, just before the spill on the banks. Otherwise, it will lose all its properties.

Jam from a pumpkin with orange and lemon

Orange and lemon jam is often used in conjunction, the first lends sweetness, and the second - the scent. In addition, they are both combined with a pumpkin. This jam is very well combined with pancakes, cheese cakes and not very sweet buns! Pumpkin jam is a wonderful addition to a sandwich.

Pumpkin jam with orange and lemon. Recipe №1


  • pumpkin - 700 g
  • lemon - 100 g
  • orange -
  • 200 g water - 100 mL
  • sugar - 500 grams


  • Pumpkin to prepare as described in recipes earlier, grind to puree state
  • Oranges free from peel, seeds, cut
  • Lemons clean only from seeds, cut
  • Combine oranges and lemons, beat to puree state
  • Pumpkin combine withSugar and fruits, let stand for 1 hour
  • Cook fruit and vegetable mixture for at least 15 minutes, allow to cool completely
  • Boil again the future jam and boil again 15 minutes, pour 100 ml of water
  • Spill over clean bananaCam, cork
Bright pumpkin jam with orange and lemon Bright pumpkin jam with orange and lemon

Pumpkin jam with orange and lemon. Recipe №2


  • pumpkin - 500 g
  • oranges - 200 g
  • lemons - 100 g sugar
  • -
  • 500 g water - 200 mL

Preparation :

  • Pumpkin is free from peel, seeds, threads, cut into cubes with an edge about 1,5-2 cm and bake in an oven to a very mild state.
  • Meanwhile, oranges should be doused with boiling water, peeled off, cut into strips, inserted into sugar, pouredWater and boil for 10 minutes. Leave the lid on for 2-3 hours
  • Cut the oranges themselves, remove the seeds in the blender
  • While the orange-sugar mixture is infused, grind the lemon together with the peel, but without seeds, in the blender
  • Pumpkin puree in a blender, if anyNeed
  • Combine pumpkin and lemon puree, add mass to syrup with oranges, mix. Cook for about 20 minutes
  • Pour over pre-prepared cans, roll up
Sweet pumpkin jam with orange and lemon Sweet pumpkin jam with orange and lemon

Pumpkin confiture with orange and lemon

Confiture differs from jam, jam and jam in that it representsFrom itself I gelled a lot with pieces of fruit. It is like a jam, but still different from it.

From the pumpkin cook confiture more than real. It is prepared not more difficult than usual jam, jam or jam.


  • pumpkin - 600 g
  • sugar - 400 grams
  • orange - 200 g
  • lemon - 100 g


  • pumpkin prepared as usual for jam, cut into smallCubes
  • Divide the sugar in half
  • Pour the first half to the pumpkin, insist at least 6 hours
  • Oranges are very good to wash, cook on very low heat in a saucepan with water addition for about 2 hours.
  • Oranges are taken out of water, cooled, Those with the skin on small cubes
  • Decoction of oranges should not be drained, add the remaining half of sugar, the pumpkin, cook for at least an hour on low heat
  • After an hour add the sliced ​​orange. Cook for 25-40 minutes
  • Lemon juice squeeze
  • After the cooking time in the jam, add lemon juice, pour over the jars
To this recipe, you can add spices such as cinnamon, cloves, baddies if desired.

Pumpkin jamwith orange and lemon


  • pumpkin - 2 kg
  • sugar - 1 kg
  • orange - 100 g
  • lemon - 100 g
  • cinnamon - 2 sticks
  • carnation - 3-4 inflorescence


  • Prepare the pumpkin in the usual way, grate it on a large grater
  • Pour sugar onto the pumpkin, let it brew for at least an hour
  • Grate finely grind the fruit peel
  • Fruit cut and free from seeds, add to pumpkin ifThe latter was infused
  • Cook at minimum heat for about 15 minutes, then add the spices
  • Cook for at least an hour
  • Spread on the banks
Pumpkin jam is a special treat for the whole family Pumpkin jam - a special treat for the entire family

Jam from a pumpkin with orange and lemon

jam pumpkin variety to any meal. It is thicker than jam, it does not flow, so it is perfect for stuffing into cakes, cupcakes, as a layer for cakes.


    • pumpkin( peeled) - 2 kg
    • sugar - 1 kg
    • lemon - 100 g
    • orange - 100 g


    • Pre-clean the pumpkin. It is important that the weight of the purified vegetable was 2 kg
    • Grate the pumpkin on a medium grater
    • Put grated pumpkin in a saucepan with a wide and thick bottom, simmer until then, until it softens
    • After the pumpkin became soft, it can beextra whip in a blender or grind in a food processor
    • lemon finely chopped, orange, too
    • By chopped pumpkin add sugar, orange, lemon and cook until until pumpkin jam is translucent and thick( thicker than jam)
    • 10 minutes before end of cooking, you can add cinnamon, but this step is optional
    • Roll up the jam into sterilized jars
    Pumpkin jam with orange and lemon - a find for sweet tooth! Pumpkin jam with orange and lemon - a godsend for a sweet tooth!

    Important! You can prepare such a dessert without lemon. Then you will need no more than 5-7 grams of lemon acid.

    Pumpkin jam with dried apricots

    Very sweet jam from pumpkins and dried apricots is a delicacy. Not so often in the jam put this dried fruit, but in vain! Dried apricots add extra flavor and sweetness to the dessert.

    Prepare this jam is not difficult. Usually it cooks a few brews. Jam from pumpkins and dried apricots. Recipe №1


    • pumpkin - 1.2 kg
    • sugar - 800 g
    • dried apricots - 400 g


    • pumpkin thoroughly cleaned so that there is no seed residuesskin and fibers
    • dried apricots soaked for 1 hour in enough warm water, cut into strips
    • While soaked dried apricots, pumpkin rub on a grater with large holes, or scroll through a meat grinder
    • in a large saucepan with a thick wide bottom, combine the pumpkin mass, sugar andCut dried apricots. Boil for 5 minutes from the boiling point
    • Allow the mass to cool down
    • Duplicate the procedure 3 times
    • Just cooked jam pour over clean hot jars, roll up
    Jam from pumpkins and dried apricots is obtained for glory! Jam from pumpkin and dried apricots is getting to fame! Jam from a pumpkin and dried apricots. Recipe No.2

    This jam is slightly different from the previous one in that it contains whole pieces of pumpkin, and in the end, citric acid is added for taste.


    • pumpkin - 1 kg
    • sugar - 800 grams
    • apricots - 300 g
    • citric acid - 4.5 g


    • pumpkin prepared as in allRecipes in this article
    • Cut the pumpkin into cubes with an edge 2 cm
    • Dried apricots, cut into cubes
    • Combine all ingredients except citric acid, allow to stand for at least 3-4 hours
    • Cook mass on low heat for at least 30 minutes
    • 4-5 minutes before the eyePreparation for pouring citric acid, mix
    • Pour over cans
    Products for jam and pumpkin and dried apricots Products for jam and pumpkin and dried apricots

    Apple and pumpkin jam

    A delicate and fragrant jam reminiscent of charlotte and autumn. To do this, select the jam juicy apples without acidity, because in the end will be added citric acid or lemon juice.


    • pumpkin - 1.2 kg
    • sugar - 0.8 kg
    • apples - 1.2 kg
    • lemon - 150 g
    • apple juice or water - 200 ml
    • cinnamon - teaspoon or 3-4 sticks


    • Pumpkin to prepare as usual, then cut into cubes
    • Mix pumpkin and water( juice).Cook for 15 minutes to make the pumpkin very soft.
    • . At this time, peel and cut the apples as diced.
    • . From the lemon squeeze the juice.
    • Pumpkin, sugar, apples and lemon juice. Cook for 25 minutes
    • After this time, beat up with the immersion blender whole mass
    • to the future of the jam add cinnamon, cook for 5 minutes
    • If you added cinnamon in stick, before pouring the jam, they need to be removed
    • Nowyou can roll up the banks with a delicious jam
    Delicate pumpkin-apple jam Gentle pumpkin and apple jam

    jam from a pumpkin on Dyukanu slimming

    jam for weight loss - is it true? To the great happiness and joy of all the sweethearts who dream of getting rid of a couple of extra pounds, the French nutritionist Pierre Duccan has developed a formula of useful and dietary pumpkin jam that you can eat without the danger of getting fat.


  • pumpkin - 1 kg
  • water - 1 cup( may not be needed)
  • spices( nutmeg, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon) - 0.5 teaspoons
  • citric acid - 3-4 g
  • sweetener - to your taste


  • Pumpkin from the dust and dirt, free from seeds, pulp, cut into small cubes
  • in a large saucepan, put pumpkin cubes, pour in water, If the pumpkin variety is not very juicy
  • BrewMass to softness
  • Pump the pumpkin into the puree state
  • Pour the sugar substitute, citric acid, spices
  • You can boil another 5-7 minutes
  • Spread on sterile cans and store strictly in the refrigerator
Jam on the dukan can be prepared with a whole lemon You can prepare the jam for Dukan andWith solid lemon

Video: Jam from PUMPS and APPLES to Winter! MAD Delicious!