Projection bracelet smartphone on the arm Cicret: how to order on Aliexpress?

Smart bracelet Cicret - the technology of the future. A gadget that will replace your phone.


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Projection bracelet on the hand of the French company Cicret - a smart gadget of a new generation, which combines a lot of useful functions. Depending on the modification, the bracelet can perform the function of a timer, an alarm clock, a heart rate monitor, a calorie meter.

With the help of a bracelet you can look at the page on the Internet, send e-mail, transfer data to the computer wirelessly and even make phone calls if your smart bracelet is integrated with the phone.

Bracelet cicret bracelet Bracelet Cicret Bracelet

Word, Cicret Bracelet - this is a real thing of the future that combines futuristic design with endless possibilities.

Phone bracelet with a projection on the hand: a review

Cicret Bracelet is a bracelet that projects the phone screen directly onto your skin. The bracelet is waterproof, securely attached to the hand and connected to the mobile phone via Bluetooth or WiFi. The data is transmitted in an encrypted form, which excludes unauthorized access to unauthorized people to private information.

Cicret_bracelet will replace your phone in any situation Cicret_bracelet replace your phone in any situation

In some situations Cicret Bracelet can be simply an indispensable addition to your smartphone. In a crowded subway car, when you sit in the bathroom or go in for sports, you can not answer a phone call, much less send an urgent letter or view messages in social networks.

Now, at any time, you can perform a lot of actions previously unavailable in limited circumstances. Unlike the phone, which thieves are often just snatched from their hands, no one will rip the Cicret bracelet from your hand. You can not worry about the safety of an expensive gadget and do not get it without the need for crowded places.

The projection bracelet is convenient to use in the metro in the rush hour Projection bracelet is convenient to use in the metro in the peak hour

Using the built-in projector, the Cicret bracelet creates a projection on the forearm of the hand. In this case, you can work with the projection in the same way that you would work with your smartphone's screen: scroll pages, flip screens, fall into the menu and select different programs.

With the Cicret bracelet, absolutely any application is available: phone calls and instant messengers, electronic maps and widgets, games and interactive applications. You can answer calls with a speakerphone, and you will never miss an important conversation for you, as the bracelet vibrates during the incoming call.

The cicret bracelet projects the phone screen onto your hand Bracelet Cicret projects the phone screen on your hand

To activate projection, simply rotate the wrist sharply and shake your hand. Repeated sharp movement will turn off the projector and return the bracelet to the standby mode.

Special sensors track your actions on the projection, all finger movements, and then transfer commands to your smartphone to perform the necessary action. Thanks to the enhanced picoprojector, the projection is clear and easily readable even under bright light.

Built-in cicret sensors monitor every movement of your hand Built-in Cicret sensors monitor every movement of your hand

The bracelet has its own memory for data storage( depending on the model 32 or 16 Gb) and the ability to connect to a computer via a USB port. Built-in rechargeable battery allows you to work the bracelet without recharging for 5 days or more.

Cicret Aliexpress: how to choose?

Price Cicret Bracelet varies around 500-700 euros. More information about the cost and characteristics of the product can be found on the Cicret Bracelet page on the Aliexpress website.

The bracelet is made in different colors: white, black, green, purple, orange. The width of the bracelet is only 1 cm, it is almost invisible on the arm and will fit any form of clothing, from sporting to business.

Smart bracelet with cicret projector Smart bracelet with projector Cicret

To choose the Cicret Bracelet bracelet that suits you on the Aliexpress website, go to Household Appliances - Smart Electronics - Wireless Devices. You can find the bracelet you need by using the search bar, which is located at the top of the screen on each page of the Aliexpress website.

Search line for products on the website aliexpress Search Product Line at AliExpress

Cicret Bracelet: how to order on Aliexpress?

To order a Cicret projection bracelet on the website of Aliexpress , you need to mark the quantity of you need on the page with its description of .The system will automatically calculate the purchase price.

You can pay for the projective bracelet right away. Bank cards and electronic money are accepted for payment. Also you can save Cicret to your cart or "My Wishlist" list and return to ordering later.

How to order a projection bracelet on the website aliexpress How to order a projection bracelet on the website Aliexpress

The terms and cost of an intelligent bracelet depends on your region and on the transport company whose services you are going to use. Calculate the cost and find out the approximate delivery time on the product description page in the "Shipping and payment" tab.

Important! When you receive a Cicret Bracelet bracelet, you need to check its functionality and compliance with the description on the website before you sign a confirmation of receipt of the goods on the website of AliExpress.

The projection bracelet cicret can be returned in case of its inconsistency with the description of the goods Projection Cicret bracelet can be returned in the event of non-compliance Product Info

If you have any complaints about the quality bracelet, Aliekspress undertakes to refund you the full cost of the goods, with the reverse transfer will be made at your expense. The second option: you can leave a low-quality smart bracelet Cicret at home, but demand a refund of part of the amount paid for it.

If the projection bracelet is not delivered within 60 days, you can waive further waiting by notifying Aliexpress in your personal account. In this case, you will also be guaranteed a full refund.

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