Smart phone watch on AliExpress: how to order? How to choose a watch phone on Aliexpress with a camera, waterproof, with a heart rate monitor, male, female, sports?

Criteria for choosing smart watches on Aliexpress.


  • How to find and order smart wrist watches for men on AliExpress?
  • How to order smart sports watches for men on AliExpress?
  • How do I order a waterproof phone on my phone?
  • How to order smart wrist watches for Android smartphones?
  • How to order a clock with a phone and a camera on AliExpress?
  • How to order a phone with pulse meter on Aliexpress?
  • How to order an Aliexpress watch phone ZGPAX S29 Smart Watch?
  • How to order a mobile phone S9130 on Aliexpress?
  • How to order an Explay N1 watch phone on AliExpress?
  • How to order on Aliexpress Smart Gear S2 watch - phone support?
  • How to order smart clock and phone GT08 on AliExpress?
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It's been a long time since those wristwatches were just an addition to the strict everyday image. But since the world does not stand still, the clock from a simple inconspicuous accessory has turned into a thing that can count calories, steps, measure the p

ulse and receive calls and messages without help.

In case you are looking for a similar thing, but do not know where to buy it, then look at Alyexpress. Here you will find both fairly simple to manage the model, and more abstruse, which can do everything that ordinary hours have never even dreamed of.

For the first order you can register and get acquainted with the video instructions on the purchase of goods on the official website of AliExpress here or read the article on our website "First order for Aliexpress".

How to find and order smart wrist watches for men on AliExpress?

Mushsky_naznach_chasy_1 Men's wristwatch for Aliexpress
  • If you want to buy a smart watch on Alyexpress, then the first thing you must do is to register. Only after you confirm your details, you can send the goods you liked to the basket, and then register it in your office. After registration, the main page of the resource opens in which you will see a description of all the categories of products displayed on the site in the left corner.
  • Read them carefully and select the category Jewelry and watches .Before you open the second section, in which you will have to select the item Clock .After the transition, you will see a page on which you will search for the model you need. In the beginning, you will see absolutely everything from the simplest to the most technologically advanced.
22-1 Brand watches on Alyekspress
  • Therefore, in order for you to make your search easier, the AliExpress website provides a filter in which you can choose the model you need, color and dial. Once you specify all the data, you will immediately see exactly what you need. After that, you will only need to find the right product and properly arrange it in your office.
  • In case you have any additional questions, you can always contact the seller of the goods( you can do it through a special form) and get all the necessary information before you pay all.

See the catalog of everyday men's smart watches on Aliexpress here.

How to order smart sports watches for men on AliExpress?

0c8961bcaa8fe89fc8aadc7dae5b55cb Intelligent sport watch
  • To order a sports watch for a man on Alyekspress can absolutely every person. In case you are already registered on the site, then you will only need to find the model you need on the resource, send it to the basket, and then there already to place the order. If you want your accessory to get to you without unnecessary problems, then very carefully fill out all the lines of the form.
  • Be sure to double check if you specified the recipient's name, address of residence and postal code. Also do not forget to specify the phone number for communication. It is necessary for you to be contacted if there are unforeseen problems. But choosing such an accessory, attention should be paid not only to its filling, but also to the appearance and quality. In the ideal watch should be clearly visible dial.
  • If it is not clearly marked, then refuse to purchase. After all, during a run or a dynamic exercise, you still can not find out how much at a given time. It is also very important that the sports watch is waterproof. So playing sports can not always take place indoors, then periodically on your accessory will be affected by dampness, snow and rain.
  • In addition, we must also take into account the fact that a person moving intensely, sweats a lot, so if this model will not have protection from moisture, then it is unlikely she will serve you for a long time.

See the catalog of smart sports men's watches on Alyexpress here.

How do I order a waterproof phone on the Aliexpress watch?

F551ff1f97ee58_551ff1f97ee96 Watch phone waterproof
  • Buying a waterproof watch on AliExpress is the ideal way to get a fashionable new thing without wasting time and nerves. All you need to do in this case is simply to filter the parameters into the filter and in a couple of seconds you will see a page where trend models of different price category will be presented.
  • If you buy this item as a gift, then be sure to consider what the person for whom you are ordering presents is doing. For a man who will just sometimes walk in them on the street or play sports, watches that do not have a water resistance of more than 5 bar are suitable. An accessory of such a plan will safely withstand hanging humidity, light rain and short stay under water.
50-m-waterproof-solar-hours-outdoor-sports-watches-solar-energy-from-LED-digital-quartz-watch-double-1 Men's wristwatch
  • But if you decide to buy in them or just hold it for a long time under the running water, then they probably will very quickly fail. Therefore, if you want your present to be worn even in a swimming pool, then give preference to products with a water permeability of at least 10 Bar. In such watches you can take a shower and swim in the river. They will safely take a long stay in the water and you will be able to enjoy a smart novelty for a long time.
  • In case you buy this model for a sea-depth conqueror that regularly submerges, then choose the model with a water resistance of 20 Bar. Such an accessory will withstand even the most extreme dives. In view of this, if you do not want your purchase to be a waste of money, then be sure to clarify these characteristics from the seller of the goods.

See the catalog of intelligent waterproof men's watches on Aliexpress here.

How to order a smart wrist watch for Aliexpress for Android?

Imwatch Smart watch for Android
  • On AliExpress, in addition to men's models of wrist watches in a huge range of presented and women. Therefore, if you are looking for a fashionable product on the resource that fits well into your everyday image, then without hesitation, look for it on the expanse of the trading platform. But in order to order them, you first need to find something that suits you perfectly.
  • Therefore, choosing a smart novelty, be sure to specify what color should have the strap and dial of the product. So you will be able to find much faster that will suit your base wardrobe. Women's wrist watch for Android will be for you not only a stylish accessory, but also an excellent helper. With them you will always be aware of what is happening.
  • Due to the fact that they have a sufficiently high quality external screen, you can always know what the weather is outside the window, read the SMS from your beloved, look at something interesting on your social network page and even make a route in an unknown place.
  • But the most pleasant is that such watch on Alyekspress are much cheaper than in any other specialized store, so if you want to not only get an interesting thing, but also save a little, then order the goods right here.

See the catalog of smart women's wristwatches on Aliexpress here.

How to order a clock with a phone and a camera on AliExpress?

Original-нфс-гв18-блуетоотн-наручные-часы-с-камера-андроид-смарт-часы-support-сим-банк-смартвач-для Wristwatch with phone and camera
  • Smart wristwatch with camera and phone is an ideal accessory for both an adult and a child. With such a smart novelty you will always be in touch and that the most pleasant thing is that you can always and everywhere capture the happy moments of your life. To order such a model on Aliexpertse you will only need to drive into the search engine the name of the accessory, and then choose the female, male or children's models you need.
  • As a rule, after that, the resource opens the page where the products of standard equipment are presented. Usually they have a standard set of applications: a notebook, a voice recorder, a camera, a display for dialing phone numbers and a calculator. But if you spend a little more time, then for sure you will be able to find a clock with a phone and a camera on the Android operating system. Similar models have additional programs such as, for example, an audio player and a book reader.
Kpn_gevwykc Phone in the form of a wristwatch
  • In addition, the Android system gives the owner the opportunity to independently install the necessary programs. Therefore, if you choose a similar product, then you can easily customize it for yourself. Another plus of such products is that they have the function of changing the dial. This allows you to literally change the picture on the product in just one movement and make your fashion accessory perfectly match your bow.
  • Also this model can wake you up correctly, that is, it will do it, adjusting to your biorhythms. If you set the alarm for a certain time, but during this period your body will be in the deep phase of sleep, then the clock will wait, when your dream becomes more shallow, and only then will start to make a sound and gently vibrate.

See the catalog of smart men's watches for Aliexpress with a phone and a camera you can here and here.

How to order a phone with a heart rate monitor on the Aalesexpress watch?

751_1 Watch phone with heart rate monitor
  • A phone clock with a heart rate monitor is a necessary thing for any inveterate athlete. Thanks to this clever accessory, a person can know whether it is possible to continue to do physical exercises or stop and rest a little. But when ordering such a product on Aliexpress, please check with the seller whether all the sensors are included in the specified price.
  • After all, if you choose a model of non-standard equipment, then the clock can come without the right sensors, and then you have to order them separately. But as practice shows, modern technologies do not like very much if they are used with incomplete hardware. Most often this affects the operation of the device itself, as well as the period of its operation.
  • Therefore, if possible, choose a watch that is equipped with everything you need. Also, when ordering a product, consider that the more functions your heart rate monitor will have, the faster the battery of the device will sit down. Therefore, if you buy a phone clock solely for the sake of measuring the pulse, then give preference to the simplest model.

See the catalog of smart hours with the heart rate monitor on Aliexpress here.

How to order a phone with ZeePress ZGPAX S29 Smart Watch?

Rbvagfve3hqacmpaaaecegvkikm250 ZGPAX S29 Smart Watch
  • As you already probably understand modern smartphones can replace several gadgets at once. But when ordering such a product on the Aliexpress, always remember that a high-quality and multifunctional model will by no means be very cheap. Of course, if you are satisfied with a minimum set of applications, then you can quite easily order and cheap watches.
  • And if you want a thing that will make your life as easy as possible, be prepared to spend a little bit. Watch phone ZGPAX S29 Smart Watch is good because they know how to do almost everything in the world. They can count calories that have got into your body overnight, support third-party applications and remotely communicate with your smartphone and tell you everything about incoming calls and messages.
  • Also with this model of the clock you will be equipped with a navigator, even without being in the car. This will allow you to move freely in an unknown territory, without carrying a large tourist map.

See the catalog of smart hours on Aliexpress here.

How to order a mobile phone S9130 on Aliexpress?

12356235-fpg62j7iuo Watch mobile phone S9130
  • More recently, we could not imagine that an ordinary wrist watch can perform the functions of a mobile phone. But since we live in a very dynamically developing world, then such a technological miracle has become a reality. Mobile clocks every year win more and more fans.
  • People like that with this small and inconspicuous accessory they can simultaneously work or exercise and talk with a person close to them. But when ordering this device on AliExpress, it should be remembered that he, like any thing has a weak point. In the case of a mobile watch, this is a strap.
XT1 Wrist mobile phone
  • So this model because of a large set of functions does not have the smallest dimensions, then when worn everyday it quickly leads to its uselessness. The truth is in this case there is a way out of the situation. If you want your accessory to retain its original appearance for as long as possible, then do not be stingy and buy the product on a genuine leather strap.
  • In case you ordered a similar model on Alyexpress and you did not like it with something, you can always return it to a 15-day period with full cost compensation.

See the catalog of smart hours on Aliexpress here.

How to order an Explay N1 watch phone on AliExpress?

Ut84c9kxqfxxxagofbxc Explay N1 watch phone
  • Explay N1 watch phone is classified as a budget product, which can afford to buy yourself any person with an average income. Of course, among them there are also very cheap and quite expensive models. But in the case of Explay N1 you can be calm, the price of the quality of this model does not have a negative effect.
  • Simply if you order a cheaper watch on Aliexpress, know that such a product will have fewer functions than a more expensive counterpart. If such a budgetary version of a smart watch is too expensive for you, you can try to order it in the sales section on Alyexpress.
  • The price reduction for the product can be obtained from the burning items section or wait for a mega-sale, at which it will be possible to get a discount of up to 80%.Annual such action takes place on November 11 of each year.

See the catalog of smart hours on Aliexpress here.

How to order on Aliexpress Smart Gear S2 watch - phone support?

W818-quad-band Waterproof smart watch W818
  • Smart watch Gear S2 is the ideal option for those who want to purchase not only smart, but also a beautiful accessory. Among such products you can find both brutal men's and elegant female models. Smart watches belong to those products that need additional protection, so it will be better if you still give your preference to a shockproof and waterproof model.
  • Also, when ordering a product on Alyexpress it is very important to learn as much as possible about the screen. If you liked the model with icons on the display, which are simply highlighted under a certain action, then the product screen can be monochrome. In case you are looking for a model with the output of notifications and text, then check if the product you like has good brightness indicators.
  • Ideally, the screen should be made using IPS technology and not be illuminated even if it hits direct sunlight. But, perhaps, the most important advantage of this product is that it can work synchronously with your phone.
  • After you connect it to your mobile device, you can easily find out who called you in your absence and what SMS sent. Also, if you wish, you can accept or reject all incoming calls.

See the catalog of smart hours on Aliexpress here.

How to order smart clock and phone GT08 on AliExpress?

Gt08-d2 Smart watch and phone GT08
  • As you already probably understand on Alyexpress you can easily find fashionable novelties of any model, color and size, therefore you will find the GT08 phone clock with ease here. All you need to do for this is just to set the right mother in the filters. If you successfully cope with this task, then within a few weeks a parcel with quality goods will be delivered to your home. The advantage of this model is that it has both touch and button control, so each person can decide how to use it more conveniently. Such watches can be both a guide book and a compass. But most importantly they can help you find your lost smartphone( you can do this only if you connect one gadget to another).
  • You can also safely use the clock as an audio player. But keep in mind that in order to prevent music from disturbing people around you, you will need to order a special hardware that helps to make music, only you hear.

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