How to get a discount on Aliexpress? How to buy at Aliexpress with a discount: 10 ways

Description of ways to get discounts on Aliexpress.


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Aliekspress - a trading platform, which is very popular among the hundreds of thousands of users. After all, it is here that you can buy a variety of goods at fairly competitive prices.

But in our time a person does not buy much cheaper, they need additional benefits( stocks, bonuses, discounts) when buying. Therefore, today we will talk about how you can get discounts on Alyexpress.

If you are not registe

red at the Aliekspress, go Registration in advance and learn video instructions on the official website here, or read the detailed instruction of registration in the article "The first order for Aliekspress".

Aliexpress - Loyalty items: discounts up to 90%

Aliexpress is the most popular trading platform among a lot of people that does not stand still, but is constantly evolving. Oktcm often you can make very profitable shopping. In particular, thanks to the section "Burning Goods".

In the past, he was known as "group purchases".The essence of this section is that here you will find the goods, the discount for which is simply huge - to 90% .

Many people think that this is a hoax. After all, who wants to sell goods with dizzying discounts. But it is profitable for both buyers and sellers. Thus, Aliexpress attracts new customers. This allows for proper competition.

In principle, very few people think why such a successful trading platform to make such discounts. After all, people are the main thing that you can buy a variety of goods - clothes, electronics, shoes, household appliances for a penny.

If you think that in this section you sell goods that nobody needs or poor quality, then this is not so. The assortment is updated 3 times a week .But only if you have watched something, remember, the sale begins on these three days exactly in 10 hours in Moscow.

Section of burning goods Section burning products

And one more important point, the goods are played out very quickly, some even instantly, so you need to act cohesively and actively. In addition to the "Burning Goods" section, there is another "Almost for Free".The cost of products in this category does not exceed 2 $.

Almost for free almost nothing

shopping feature, see "Burning products" is that if you are lucky enough to find what you want, you need time to press the button «Buy Now» .

The procedure is the same as when purchasing a regular product. But only one point, you need to pay for the order within days of , otherwise the order will be canceled. If you can not buy the goods, do not worry, you just have to wait for new receipts.

Discount coupons Aliexpress

Aliexpress takes care that every day new customers are added. Here you can get discounts not only from sellers, but also to use shares, bonuses and discount coupons.

You can check the availability of current coupons on the separate page of Aliexpress. They are provided by sellers. All coupons are divided into 2 types:

  • From Seller From
  • Aliekspress

difference between them is that the former are only valid when buying goods it from the seller , which they provided. And the second on products of any category .The coupons are activated automatically when placing an order.

Coupons for Aliexpress

To select a specific coupon you need to press the " get now " button, then a window will appear where you will confirm the use of the coupon by clicking on the button " use now ".But remember that you need to use any coupons in a certain period and adhere to certain requirements regarding the amount of purchase.

Use of the coupon Using coupon

How can I ask for a discount from the seller to Aliexpress?

Another way to save money when buying a product on Aliexpress is to ask for a discount from the seller. But it's worth doing in some cases. After all, not always ask for a discount is appropriate and correct. In what cases should you ask for a discount:

  • if the cost of the goods is high enough.
  • if you buy more than one product.
  • if you are a regular customer of a certain vendor.
  • if you do good advertising for this seller.
Ask for a discount from the seller Ask for a discount from the seller

Remember that no one will give you a discount if the cost of the goods is $ 10-15.For goods below this amount, respectively, there can be no discount. In order to get a discount from the seller, follow a few simple tips:

  • First, try to make friends with the seller, enter into his trust. For this, communicate in a friendly, friendly, polite form. Ask him unobtrusively for a discount. You can say that it is not the first time that you buy goods from him, that you write a good tip and will advise it to all your friends and acquaintances. This should work, but only at a significant discount should not be counted. Nobody will reduce your price by 30-40%.
  • The very process of buying in this case will be as follows. Before you start talking to the seller, place the item in the shopping cart. If the seller agrees to give you a discount, keep buying until the moment of payment, after that, discard to him the product number, it can be taken in the section "my orders".
  • After that, the seller reduces the price for you and you pay for the goods. Well, after the end of the purchase, write a positive review about the seller, then you can hope that the discount will be permanent.
Getting a discount on aliexpress Receiving a discount on Aliexpress

Application to Aliexpress with discounts

Many do not know that you can save on purchases in a mobile application. To do this, download the application for your phone _AIDS_press to your phone.

When you find your favorite product on the Aliexpress page on your computer, there is an easy way to make a purchase through a mobile application, but on a computer. To do this, in the address bar, replace the bug en with the letter m.

In addition, there is another way, only it is a little more time-consuming:

  • Download the application in the Play market.
  • Enter your login and password.
  • On the computer on the page of the product you like, find the button "more profitable trades in the application" and start the activation of "scanning the qr code.
  • After that you will open the necessary page in the mobile application, and you already choose the necessary parameters. The payment in the mobile application is completely optional.
Save to your mobile app Save in mobile application

Promotional discount on Aliexpress

In order to pay for the product you like less, you can use one more way - promotional code for a discount. Where to get it and how to use it, now find out.

Open the page of Aliexpress coupons. Select the coupon that you liked most, and click on the "Get Promotion Code" button. See the promo code and copy it.
Choose everything you like and send the goods to the shopping cart.

You go into the basket and press the button «place an order» .
If you are not registered, go through the registration process.

On the order confirmation page, go down and find the button "enter promotional code" ( in English) and enter the code you copied there. Finish the order.

Discounts on aliexpress Discounts for Aliexpress

But remember that coupons are updated constantly, so go to the page more often, look for the offers you like and buy cheaper.

Shares on Aliexpress

To attract buyers, Alyekspress offers a variety of promotions for different types of goods, which offer opportunities to purchase the desired products for half of its real value. The shares are valid for a certain number of days.

To see how much the stock will last for the product you selected, you can on the main page of the site after the picture with the advertisement of the product. After the end of the promotion, you can not order the goods at a discount.

How can I view the terms of the promotion for aliexpress? How to view the terms of the promotion on Aliexpress?
Duration of promotion Duration of the action

Keep an eye on the product category you need, and look for new, profitable offers that sellers with excellent ratings and a lot of positive feedback on the quality and speed of delivery. Such sales allow you to sell old products, and attract customers to new items that are regularly displayed on the web resource.

Currently there are such actions on the portal:

  • A variety of bags of different styles, sizes and colorings.
  • 25% savings on mobile phones Lenovo, Huawei.
  • Up to 80% savings on a variety of male and female products.

If you want to make an order, then hurry to make the right choice. The online service is updated daily to bring you new products and good promotional offers every day.

Wholesale purchases on Aliexpress

Before ordering, carefully study the desired product. See how much you will need to pay for shipping.

Some sellers, for example, when ordering 40 pencils, pay for the delivery themselves, but when buying 100 pieces of pencils, the payment for shipping increases several times and the purchase in bulk will be unprofitable. It is best to order cheap, light and small goods.

Pay not through direct payments, but only through Aliexpress. After you have completed the application and correctly filled out all the necessary data, the seller can reduce the price, and you will be able to buy products in bulk.

Advantages of bulk orders:

  • Saving money.
  • Protection of consumer rights.
  • Allocation of the basic names of sold products, which helps to quickly find the right product.
  • If the received product does not match the one shown in the picture, you can return your money.
  • Different payment methods.
  • Regular discounts, sales and profitable shares.

The wholesale price of the products will depend on the quantity of the product, if you order, you will receive a discount from this seller, and if you wish to purchase a shipment of goods, it is better to get on a huge sale on a black Friday or on cyber Monday. Follow the section you are interested in about new arrivals, putting the filter with the minimum quantity of the goods.

Set the desired quantity of goods Set the desired quantity of goods

Before you buy products in bulk, ask the seller about the system of discounts and shares. Then separately make an application for the quantity of goods you have chosen, indicating the exact color range and size, but do not rush to transfer money, do it after the seller has told the exact price.

If you have any problems with the product received, you can open a dispute with the seller and send substantial evidence of non-compliance to require replacement.

How does the cashback work on Aliexpress?

Cashback allows you to return some of the money for the purchases made for each newly attracted buyer. The programs of cash storebacks of online stores can be combined with the programs of the bank. You can significantly save your financial resources.

Cashgas portals sign contracts with different retail outlets, according to which stores list the web resource in advance with a clearly specified percentage for each purchase of a certain product, and those in turn return a portion of the cash to customers who access the site through a cash-source source. The size of the return of value depends on the willingness of sellers to attract as many potential customers as possible.

Cashback Cashback

During the action of various mass discounts, shares, the percentage of compensation may increase threefold. Return interest can for certain types of goods placed in a particular section. You can get cashback to Aliexpress using such online services:

  • Ecommerce partners - very convenient and easy to use. Using it, you can easily earn without much effort. All you need is to post on your page in popular networks where you have registered links to a variety of products offered by this online store. The percentage of return depends on the number of orders.
Partnerships Partnership
  • Alibonus - the return percentage is 10. It is very convenient to receive money and follow parcels, check the seller and look for products of interest.
Partners ali Partners Ali

Coupon for binding a card to the account Alipay

When you bind a cash card to Alipay, you can get a coupon code when you order from a certain amount of $.When paying with Alipay, you can receive a coupon for the amount indicated.

Alipley Alipley

Hurry, the number of coupons is limited. Every hour during the new trading day, 100 customers who pay their bids will win discount coupons. In case of victory, you will receive a notification on the phone.

Sale: Black Friday on Alyexpress

This sale is very popular all over the world. It is at this time that you can buy good products at very low prices, with a discount of 90%.The exact date depends on when falls on Thanksgiving Day in the United States.

Black Friday in aliexpress Black Friday in Alyexpress

In 2016 it was held by on November 11 and lasted 24 hours. Three days before the start of the sale, you can find advantageous promotions, discounts and coupons in the online resource( the last ones are valid only on the day of the sale).

In November, every year there is a Black Friday. In early November, a banner with the date of Black Friday appears on the main page of the Aliexpress website.

Cyber ​​Monday discounts on Aliexpress

Cyber ​​Monday is a continuation of Black Friday. This sale is for the purpose of selling everything that remains after the trade. There is also a system of huge discounts and shares.

Sellers are interested in selling as much as possible goods, for this purpose, and such discounts are made. Do not forget to please yourself and your family with pleasant shopping!

Video: Ways to get a discount on Aliexpress