What is a mandala and its meaning, how to use it?10 mandalas to bring back the life of the brightness

Mandala is a sacred symbol that can help a person to get closer to the desired one. He acts by meditating during coloring and adjusting consciousness to a positive mood.

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  • What are mandalas and why are they needed, how to use them?
  • How to colorize mandalas and what is better?
  • The meaning of colors in a mandala, how to paint a picture?
  • Mandala for fulfillment of desire is very strong: photos for coloring
  • Mandala for attracting money and material prosperity: photos for coloring
  • Mandal for harmonizing space: photos for coloring
  • Mandala coloring: antistress
  • Mandala of love, happiness and relationships, female happiness: photo for
  • coloring Mandala from loneliness - love and marriage: photo coloring
  • Mandala for conception: Mandala coloring
  • to forgive yourself: photo coloring
  • Mandala health
  • coloring photos for children
  • Aspiration coloration slippers
  • Coloring - art therapy: the most complex mandalas
  • 10 mandalas to bring back the
    life of the brightness
  • Protective mandala: photos for coloring
  • Mandala for coloring prints with the value
  • Video: "Music and Mandalas. Meditation »

What are mandalas and why are they needed, how to use them?

Mandala - is an unusual word for the name of the geometric pattern. This drawing is not simple and represents the geometric matrix. If you literally translate the word "mandala", then it stands for "circle" or "circle".In fact, it is: mandala - a square inscribed in a circle and decorated with a lot of decorative figures, as well as patterns.

Each figure located in the mandala, all the figures and ornaments are located symmetrically to each other .

It's interesting to know that in the East this drawing is very sacred. He is recognized by Buddhism and Hinduism. Moreover, in order to draw a mandala, it is necessary to observe a certain ritual. Painted by her monks and see in the image is not just a drawing, but a real object of worship, which in its entire beauty and depth symbolizes the universe and the cosmos.

A person to whom such a culture and faith is alien, can not understand: why does a mandala need anyway? The answer is simple: this drawing allows the to open the subconscious. The sacred mandala is capable of to harmonize man with nature. Of course, in order to achieve this result, it is necessary to get involved in the knowledge of the inner world and be a spiritual person who can meditate.

Each figure of the mandala accumulates during the creation of the positive human energy. That's why many Buddhist and Hindu temples are decorated with mandalas. Some call the mandala "frozen prayer", since it is able to express the inner world of a person at the time of drawing.

mandala - sacred image or image

How to colorize mandalas and what is better?

Mandala is always an color image. An exception in this case may be a mandala tattoo, applied to the body with black paints. Speaking of real mandalas, it should be noted that in the original monks paint them with colored sand on a flat surface for two months. This process is necessary to them only as a means of meditation. After the rice canes are ready, they simply blow it off and start a new one.

No matter what goals you follow, if you draw a mandala. The main thing - know how to do it correctly. The sacred image of the is always colorful. For this reason, you will need any typewriter of multi-colored stationery:

  • pencils
  • ballpoint pens
  • pens gel
  • pens oil
  • pens
  • any paints
  • liners( pens with the thinnest tip of 0.1 millimeter)
  • Rapidographs( handles with a tube for ink)

It is not difficult to draw a mandala even with the help of a special computer program, If you have a certain knowledge of the ability to own a graphics tablet or mouse.

Mandala, painted with sand

The meaning of the colors in the mandala, how to paint the picture?

In drawing a mandala you are free to to use absolutely any colors. stands out the most popular shades, as they often have a special meaning:

  • red - the color of blood, the survival of the color of love and passion
  • black - color of darkness, death, despair, danger
  • yellow - symbolizes prosperity, joy,happiness
  • orange - ambition, emotion, controversy
  • blue - symbolizes the source of life, water and sky blue
  • - mysticism, mystery, conflict, intuition,
  • fear green - support, understanding, desire etc.
  • lime dip - weak energy field
  • purple - emotional dependence
  • lilac - experiences, excitement, feeling

color it should be from midway mandala image and gradually reaching the edge. So the drawing will turn out to be organic and will not be spoiled by your palm.

mandala drawing with markers - bright and beautiful

Mandala for execution of desire is very strong: photo coloring

All mandalas can be divided into several sub-types: for fulfillment of desires, in order to attract money to be happy, and so on. Choose the coloring template that you need at the moment. Peculiar meditation and comprehension of your goals during colorizing will help you to realize what you want as soon as possible and will make you more confident in yourself.

Templates coloring mandala for wish-fulfillment:

mandala coloring number 1
mandala coloring number 2
mandala coloring number 3

Mandala to attract money and material well-being: photo coloring

no secret that someone wants to fulfill his desire, While the other - to attract financial prosperity. In this case, comes to the aid of another mandala - the mandala of attracting money. What is the secret of this image? The answer is very simple: during coloring you can clearly concentrate all your thoughts on how to come to your financial well-being more quickly and efficiently.

To paint the mandala, only in good spirits should be painted, so that your drawing was not only beautiful, but also contained only positive energy.

Templates coloring mandala to raise money:

mandala to raise money, the pattern number 1
mandala to raise money, the pattern number 2
mandala to raise money, the pattern number 3

Mandalas for harmonization of space: photo coloring

not uncommon for modern manIt is difficult to find the harmony with the outside world. Most often it is hampered by complexes, an abundance of problems and misunderstanding. Adjust the world within the body and the world around you will help the magic mandala. Furnish your workplace, choose a coloring template and prepare a lot of colored pencils.

Try to immediately finish painting, after you start it( the same day).Do not give up this work and do not throw away the drawing.

Mandala Coloring Patterns for Harmony:

Mandala for Harmony, Pattern No. 1
Mandala for Harmony, Pattern No. 2
Mandala for Harmony, Pattern No. 3

Mandala Coloring: Anti-Stress

Currently, the so-called coloring-antistress is very popular. The principle of their action is to distract a person from problems and envelop them with an interesting therapy of colorful drawing and transformation. Coloring mandala acts on the same principle, but its magical abilities not only relax the human soul and body.

Mandala attracts to the person all the positive, that can take from the environment.

templates of interesting coloring "antistress":

coloring-antistress, template № 1
coloring-antistress, template № 2
coloring-antistress, template № 3

Mandala of love, happiness and relationships, female happiness: photos for coloring

Mandala of love It is designed to help a person to find romantic feelings and understanding of a loved one. To paint such a mandala you need the neatly and slowly. While working with the picture, one should only think about romance, relationships and pleasant things.

If during coloring mandalas love you will stay in a bad mood or depression, you can not charge your magic drawing positive energy.

templates for coloring mandala love:

mandala love pattern coloring number 1
mandala love pattern coloring number 2
mandala love pattern coloring number 3

Mandala loneliness - love and marriage: photo coloring

no secret, That some magical things can influence the outcome of many events. So mandala acts as a kind of "push" , which gives a person the courage to carry out their plans.

Mandala marriage able to accumulate and exude positive energy to humans, in particular - women. Such a mandala is necessary so that a woman does not lose confidence and can find happiness in marriage.

Mandala coloring patterns "happy marriage": mandalas "

" "marriage" for coloring, "mandala" pattern 1 for
"marriage" for coloring, template "
template for marriage" for coloring, template No. 3

Mandala for child conception: coloring

Every adult wants to extend the family. Sometimes stress, health problems and negativity become an obstacle to conception. Drawing and coloring a special mandala will help the safely conceive and find peace within the soul.

Coloring patterns:

mandala "conception", template number 1
mandala "conception", template number 2
mandala "conception", template number 3

Mandala for forgiveness yourself: photos for coloring

Often the inner world of a person is very restless. It also happens that calm borders on depression and apathy. A person like a sponge absorbs a huge amount of negative , which surrounds it every day. No one is immune from the fact that he can commit a large number of errors, wrong deeds and resentments.

You can correct the situation only by by forgiving yourself and accepting yourself. Find a way to help this magic mandala , which through drawing and painting open the most beautiful side of the human soul, and allow him to think about himself.

Templates mandala coloring "forgiveness»:

Coloring Mandala "forgiveness", the pattern number 1
Coloring Mandala "forgiveness", the pattern number 2

Mandala Health and healing: photo coloring

Even doctors rarely say that a person's recovery depends only on his desire to recover. This theory is far from a myth, but a scientifically proven fact. To improve the mood and inspire yourself to recover, the coloring of the mandala will help.

Templates Mandala "health" for coloring:

pattern mandala "health" for coloring number 1
mandala "health" of the template coloring number 2

mandala coloring books for children

Every parent should try instill in your child a sense of beauty. To do this, as never before, a simple scheme of "mandala" coloring will be useful, which can be painted together in free time.

Easy coloring templates:

mandala for children, the pattern number 1
mandala for kids, template number 2
mandala for kids, template number 3

Mandala coloring slimming

Mandala does not have any restrictions and therefore is able to help a person gainAny thing and achieve any goals. This also applies to slenderness. Just imagine visually your dream and start painting the template.

Раскраска-мандала "здоровье, похудение" Coloring Mandala "health, weight loss»

Coloring - art therapy: the most complex mandala

For those who have "a touch of creativity," and likes the job more difficult, useful colorings "mandala" is more detailed patterns. Such mandalas are focused on the careful work, concentration and dipping into the deepest thoughts.

Templates complex mandalas:

complex mandala number 1
complex mandala number 2
complex mandala number 3

10 mandalas to return the brightness of life

improve mood and relieve the state of his soul will not only coloring mandalas, but their contemplation. It is necessary to attach the image of the mandala in a prominent place so that it constantly falls into your field of vision.

Ten mandalas for good mood:

bright mandalas for good mood
mandala for brightness of life
bright mandala "harmony"
mandala for peace of mind and happiness
positive mandala mandala "passion and joy" mandala
"playfulness"," childish »
mandala" balance »
mandala" joie de vivre »

Protective mandala: photo coloring

Protective mandala will provide confrontation all the negative that surrounds youT every day.

Protective Mandala for coloring

Mandala for coloring print with

value In order to know exactly the value of a mandala, needs to print out a few explanations of the templates.

mandala "good mood»
mandala "om»
simple mandala "Dreamcatcher»
mandala "desire»
mandala «successful business»

Video: "Music and Mandala. Meditation »