Cherry jam pitted: recipe. How to make cherry jam and confiture: a recipe for winter

Cherry jam is a delicious treat that can be cooked by yourself. This requires a minimum set of ingredients and time. This article offers recipes for preparing jam with different thickeners and additives.


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How to weld jamFrom cherry-free cherries with gelatin at home?

Jam - a favorite by many berry or fruit jam .It is prepared in an original way so that a homogeneous dense mass of is obtained without a single bone .Such jam is pleasant to add in baking, ice cream, desserts, spread on bread, and just eat with a spoon during tea drinking.

Depending on the recipe, different thickeners should be used:

  • ASK Pasteur
  • Starch
  • Sugar
  • is often called jelly, prepared with gelatin .The reason for this pleasant solid consistency of jam, which after cooking "freezes" in a jar. A nice feature of jam is that it does not take much time and energy to prepare it.

    cherry jam - delicious dessert made with his own hands

    To prepare cherry jam with gelatin will need:

    • Ripe cherry - 1 kilo
    • Sugar - 1 kilo
    • Gelatin - bag (Approximately 20 grams)

    This recipe is very simple, because it contains the minimum set of ingredients. This jam can please you with the taste of fresh cherries all year round.


    • Before you cook the jam, should prepare cherries. For this, it is washed thoroughly and cleaned of pits. You can use a special device that gently removes the bone from the pulp.
    • All the purified amount of berries should be filled with a kilogram of sugar and left in order that the berry "let the juice" and the sand dissolved.
    • While the berry will "stand", you can leave the with gelatin swelling. A pack of gelatin should be filled with half a glass of cold water and left in a calm state for half an hour. After that gelatin is heated on a steam bath until completely dissolved.
    • When you notice that cherry "let the juice" put it on the fire. Boil a long jam is not worth it. Enough to wait for a boil and wait five minutes. During the whole time carefully stir the jam so that it does not burn out.
    • After five minutes with , pour gelatin with a trickle, stirring the jam. Do not wait for the cooling of the mass, roll the jam into sterile jars. After the jam has cooled it will take a more elastic, thick form, similar to jelly.

    This jam is very nice to open in the winter. It has a rich berry flavor and a thick jelly structure. Jem is easily smeared on bread and "keeps the form".

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    Marmalade of cherry recipe for winter

    Marmalade - it's sweet, "the French jam." It is ideal for filling into any baking: pies, pies, desserts, strudel and even cakes. It is not difficult to prepare this "confit" , it will require a simple set of ingredients:

    • - 1 kilo
    • sugar - 1 kilo( can be reduced to 700 to taste)
    • Vanillin - one bag
    marmalade - cherry jam


    • cooking jam should only be washed out and stoned cherries. For this you can use a special device, and you can remove the stone manually.
    • Purified cherry is filled with sugar and left in this state for two or three hours. Cover the sugar with cherry in the enamelware, then put it on the fire.
    • "Let the juice" cherry should be put on fire for boiling. Boil the jam should be about ten minutes and all this time carefully stir the mass so that it does not burn, and does not spoil the taste.
    • During boiling should be added to a bag of vanilla and mix thoroughly mass, it completely dissolved. Vanillin will give the confiture a pleasant dessert flavor.
    • Long-term boiling confiture is needed in order to as much as possible to soften the coarse skin of .After cooking, allow the mixture to cool and crush it with a blender.
    • The ground cherry should be boiled again. If you notice a high foam - be sure to remove the every time it appears.
    • Hot jam roll up into sterilized jars and store them for winter storage. During the storage of confiture will become thicker, as well as find a rich taste.

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    cherry jam with soda, how to cook the winter?

    Cherry - the berry is sour, it is known to every mistress. To cook sweet cherry jam, you have to add a large amount of sugar. But it often happens that the jam comes out liquid. This is because the cherry is a berry with a low content of pectin.

    It sugar thickens jam or preserves, but also gives him a taste of caramel. This taste is not always pleasant and can give bitterness. To get rid of excess acid cherries and make a really delicious jam, you should use the "cunning grandmother's recipe."

    To quench the acid of a cherry, you can use ordinary baking soda. As a result, sugar in jam goes less and it does not get bitter."Jam with soda" turns bright, but has a slightly lilac unaccustomed shade.

    cherry jam with soda, original cooking

    you need:

    • cherries pitted - 1 kilo
    • Sugar - 0.5 kilos
    • Soda - a large pinch
    • cinnamon - to taste


    • Cherry should clear from bones in the usual way. Often cherries are found in cherries, but this does not spoil the berry at all. Just soak it for half an hour in the cold. After that, throw in a colander and dry it.
    • Dried cherries should be transferred to an blender and ground to a homogeneous mass. Put the mass in an enamel saucepan on a fire and cook until evaporated for about half an hour.
    • Add soda to the cherry mass. You will notice how an unusual green foam appears on the surface. It is not necessary to remove it .Simply stir the mass.
    • Add sugar and again thoroughly mix jam , so that it completely dissolved and was not able to burn. This cooking should last approximately 25 minutes. All this time, carefully mix the mass to the desired consistency.
    • Five minutes before the end of the jam, you can add cinnamon .It can be a single stick, or maybe a powder( half a teaspoon).If you put a wand, after cooking it is pulled out.

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    Cherry jam with agar agar, a billet for the winter

    Cherry does not have a large pectin stock and therefore badly "thickens" in jam or jam. That's why thickeners try to add to the mass, one of which is agar-agar.

    Agar-agar is a natural plant-derived gelatin that is extracted from algae. It differs in that it has strong binding properties, stronger than gelatin.

    You will need:

  • Agar-agar - no more than 5 grams( this is a half teaspoon)
  • Cherry jam, cooking with agar-Agar


    • The cherry is cleared from the bone .Purified cherries should be folded into the bowl of the blender and finely chopped to a liquid homogeneous state.
    • Transfer the berry mass of to the cooking pot. Immediately add sugar and start to cook jam. Before boiling - on high heat, after - on a moderate fire.
    • After you bring the mass to the boiling point of , after ten minutes, a white foam will appear. Every time appears, remove the foam.
    • During the cooking of the jam, should regularly interfere with the mass of so that it does not burn because of the high sugar content. After ten minutes of cooking, remove the saucepan from the fire and leave the to cool.
    • Prepare agar-agar for jam: mix five grams of agar-agar with a spoonful of sugar. Gradually sprinkle it in a mass, thoroughly mixing.
    • After this, the berry mass should be boiled again and hot poured over sterile dry jars, then rolled up and put away for storage.

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    Cherry jam: recipe with pectin

    You can increase the amount of pectin in the cherry with artificial pectin. Pectin is a polysaccharide that serves as a "thickener".Jam with pectin turns thick and has a pleasant rich taste.

    you need:

    • cherries pitted - 1.5 kilos
    • Sugar - about two full glasses
    • Pectin - full teaspoon( about 6 grams)
    Preparation of cherry jam with the addition of pectin


    • All number of cherries should be cleaned from bones and using a blender to grind into a homogeneous mass. The presence of the berry part is acceptable in the form of small skins.
    • Place the mass on the fire and brew it until the thickens for about half an hour. After that, pour in the entire amount of sugar and continue cooking for ten minutes, actively stirring the jam.
    • Remove the berry mass from the fire and pour the pectin. Stir thoroughly. Boil again and roll hot jam into sterile jars. During storage, the jam will solidify and become thick.

    The taste in a jam, you can add cinnamon, zest of lemon juice ooze to jam acquired a pleasant and unusual tint.

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    How to make jam from cherries with chocolate

    Very unusual and original recipe of jam will be his cooking with cocoa. The classic combination of cherries and chocolate pleases its pleasant with the sweetness and saturation of .You can prepare cherry-chocolate jam at home.

    you need:

    • Cherry Pitted - about 800 grams
    • Sugar - 0,6 kilo
    • Cocoa -( powder) 60 grams
    cherry jam and chocolate -tasty combination of ingredients


    • Clean the cherries from the bones, trying to preserve its integrity. Cherry fold into the bowl of blender and grind to a liquid homogeneous mass.
    • Start by boiling in an enamel saucepan, adding sugar. Cook the mass for about ten minutes after boiling, thoroughly mixing every 30 seconds.
    • Add in a lot of cocoa. Add it gradually and thoroughly mix the mass. In this case, cocoa will act as a thickener and can give the jam the desired consistency.
    • If the mass is too thick and it seems that it burns - add water .Not more than 100 ml. Bring the mass to the boil after the addition of cocoa and remove from heat. Roll over.

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    Jam cherry with lemon, how to cook?

    A lemon "note" in cherry jam will add a fragrance and a pleasant taste. To add in jam it is possible both juice of a lemon, and a peel. You only need one citrus.


    • cherries pitted - 1 kilo
    • Sugar - 1 kilo
    • Lemon - 1 piece
    cherry jam with lemon


    • Clean cherry familiar way. You can leave the berries whole, or you can kill them in a homogeneous mass with a blender. Put the mass on the fire.
    • Add the berry weight zest of one lemon , grated on a fine grater and squeeze the juice of half lemon. Stir the mass thoroughly.
    • Put in the sugar, cook the jam until thickened for about ten minutes. After boiling, you should roll the jam into sterile jars and remove it for storage.
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    Cherry and gooseberry cherry jam, recipe for preparation

    Jam from gooseberries and cherries is often called "Velvet July" for its "warm" and rich taste. Jam turns out to be sweet and has a pleasant berry sourness.

    you need:

    • cherries pitted - 1 kilo
    • gooseberry - 200 grams
    • Saha - 1 kilo
    • water - a few spoonfuls
    Cherry jam with gooseberry, recipe Cherry jam with gooseberries, recipe


    • Clean the cherry from the bones and chop the blender until smooth. Cherry should be put on fire and boiled, adding half a kilo of sugar. After this, the mass is cooked for about ten minutes and is removed for cooling.
    • The cleared gooseberry is poured into a separate bowl, filled with sugar and a few spoons of water are poured. To cook jam from gooseberries should about seven minutes.
    • After this, the mass of gooseberry should be rinsed with through a sieve. The cake is thrown out, and the juice is added to the cherry. The berry mass is boiled again and rolled into cans for storage.

    Video: "Cherry and gooseberry jam"

    Cherry jam with starch, simple recipe

    Starch - fine thickener for cherry jam. It will help the varnish to find a pleasant thick consistency without any taste.

    you need:

    • cherries pitted - 2 kilos
    • Sugar - 0.7 kilos
    • Lemon - zest and juice of the fruit
    • Starch - 4 tablespoons
    • Vanilla taste
    cherryJam with starch thickener


    • A cherry without a stone should be with a blender in a homogeneous mass. Put the mixture on a fire and bring to a boil. In the boiling jam add sugar, juice of one lemon and its zest.
    • Thoroughly kneading jam, , add starch and vanillin( one sachet) into it. Do not stop interfering with the mass until you find that everything has thoroughly dissolved.
    • Starch will thicken the jam when the starts to cool down. Therefore, it should be rolled into sterile cans in a hot state.

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    Cherry apple jam, recipe for cooking

    Apple is an excellent flavoring for cherries. It will give sweetness to jam and density. Choose a sweet apple to make cherry-apple jam.

    you need:

    • cherries pitted - 1 kilo
    • Apple - 0.5 kilos
    • Sugar - 0.5 kilos
    cherry jam with the addition of apple


    • Clean the cherry in the usual way. The berry flesh should be put in a saucepan and covered with sugar, leaving "juice" for a while.
    • Apple should gently clean the from seeds and skins. Apple pulp is sent to the blender , where it is ground in puree. You can use a regular grater.
    • The apple is mixed with a cherry. The pan is put on the fire and brought to a boil. The mass should leave for about half an hour to evaporate excess water.
    • The hot jam follows to roll into the jars .If you want to add cinnamon or lemon zest, it should be done five minutes before boiling.

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    Cherry jam in the multi-bowl: simple recipe

    Multivark is a modern kitchen technique that allows any housewife to simplify and speed up the cooking process. Prepare cherry jam easily in the multivark.

    You need:

    Lemon - 1 piece

  • Vanillin( at the tip of the knife)
  • Gelatin - one sachet( about 15-20 grams)
  • Preparation:

    • The cherry is cleared from the bones of .Purified cherries should be folded into the bowl of the blender and finely chopped to a liquid homogeneous state.
    • Transfer the berry mass into the bowl of the multivariate. Immediately add the sugar and start to cook the jam in the mode "Baking" or "Steamer" .After boiling, the jam should boil for at least twenty minutes.
    • While the jam is being cooked in the multivariate, prepare gelatin : pour a packet of half a glass of cold water and leave for ten minutes. After that, melt on the steam bath.
    • Pour gelatin with a thin trickle of into the berry mass, thoroughly mixing. Then squeeze out the juice of half a lemon and add a little vanilla.
    • Wait for the next boil and turn off the mode. Prepare the cans for sterilization. Roll the jam and put away for storage.

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