How to make kapron stockings stockings, leggings, knee-length socks? How to stop, remove, arrow, puff, crochet, how to sew a hole on kapron pantyhose imperceptibly?

Description of care for nylon pantyhose.


  • How to make stockings from kapron pantyhose?
  • How to make knee-highs from kapron tights?
  • How to make leggings out of nylon pantyhose?
  • How to dye kapron tights for flowers?
  • How to stop the arrow on pantyhose and hide it?
  • How to sew pantyhose imperceptibly: arrow, hole?
  • How to remove the tightening, the hook on pantyhose?
  • How to remove spools from pantyhose?
  • How to wash kapron tights with your hands and in the typewriter?
  • How to quickly dry kapron tights?
  • How to whiten white nylon pantyhose?
  • How to wash pantyhose that are stained from shoes?
  • How to wear women's pantyhose?
  • How to tidy up pantyhose unnoticed?
  • How to stretch kapron pantyhose in length and width?
  • How to reduce kapron tights?
  • How nice to tear pantyhose?
  • How to make sure that tights do not tear?
  • The dress sticks to pantyhose - what should I do?
  • How to store socks and pantyhose in a closet?
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To all women is dedicated, b

ecause each of us has repeatedly encountered arrows and holes on nylon pantyhose. In this article, you will learn what to do in such cases.

How to make stockings from kapron pantyhose?

Pantyhose can make beautiful original stockings. And they will continue to please you, like your favorite pantyhose. For work, take:

  • tights
  • threads
  • elastic that will hold stockings at the foot

Next, create in this mode:

  • You can take the same color as tights, or you can experiment. For example, take an elastic band and threads of a different color than the future stockings.
  • Now it's time to trim the top of the panty hose to get two identical stockings. For this you will need sharp scissors .Crop the stockings to the very top.
  • The edge of the trimmed stocking is scorched by the fire .It is advisable to use a candle flame or lighters. Stockings would be nice to pull on any frame. So it will be more convenient to burn edges.
  • Next step: sew an elastic band around the edge of the stocking. To do this, tuck the burned part out and with neat stitches sew an elastic band to it.
Stockings of pantyhose Stockings of pantyhose

This way you will give a second chance to your pantyhose. They need to be worn under a special belt or use a tight elastic band and worn by yourself.

Stockings of pantyhose Stockings of pantyhose

How to make knee-highs from kapron pantyhose?

Now many women of fashion prefer golf. They not only beautifully combine with a skirt or dress, but also visually extend the legs.

You can buy them in any store. But you wanted to have them right now, but there is no possibility. In this case, they can be made from old kapron tights.

For future golf it is better to take tight and black pantyhose. They can be worn on top of dark tights, and they will not differ in shade. Plus, they will also keep warm in winter.

To make knee-high stockings:

  • Trim the bottom of the pantyhose. Only cut above the knees. Otherwise, they will not reach the right place.
  • Next, bend the edge of the product and sew. Only make stitches smooth and inconspicuous from the outside. To solve the problem of falling golf, sew from the inside of the rubber band.
Knee-high stockings Knee-high stockings from kapron stockings

How to make leggings out of nylon pantyhose?

Nylon pantyhose for losin is better to take dense. With the color you define yourself. Usually it's either black or gray. Young girls can experiment and take bright tights. To rework pantyhose in tights you will need:

  • Tights
  • Scissors
  • Eraser
  • Thread with needle

To make leggings:

  • Take the scissors and cut the bottom of the tights on the ankle. Try to keep tights of the same length.
  • Thread the edge with threads. In the end, you should get an "elastic".
  • Sew the elastic band to the bottom of pantyhose. This will give your pantyhose an aesthetic look and allow you to hold on.
Nylon tights Nylon leggings

How to dye kapron tights for flowers?

Many needlewomen from kapron create flowers. And before them there is a question of painting this product. For these purposes, there are many options:

  • The first option is the professional paint .It can be purchased in the store for needlework.
  • For painting, take the dye and fill in the dishes.
  • Add water to it to make a pasty mixture.
  • Mix all this with the addition of detergent.
  • Dilute this mixture with 5 liters of water.
  • Nylon pantyhose soak in this liquid for an hour.
  • After rinse and hang dry.
  • The second option is potassium permanganate .This method is the cheapest and fastest.
  • Mix the potassium permanganate with water and soak the pantyhose.
  • After rinse several times. The intensity of the color depends on the amount of potassium permanganate and the time of soaking.
  • Kapron tights can also be painted with green. The method of staining does not differ from the staining of manganese.
  • Corrugated paper can help in this case. It should be crushed and thrown into the water. After half an hour to take out, and into the resulting solution to dip pantyhose.
Painting of pantyhose Painting pantyhose
Such beauty is obtained from colored pantyhose This beauty comes from colored pantyhose

How to stop the arrow on pantyhose and hide it?

It happens that at the most inopportune moment on your pantyhose the arrow has gone. This little trouble can make you lose your temper and spoil your mood. If the arrow is small and has not exceeded the visible limits, it can be stopped:

  • Using colorless varnish .To do this, grease the entire arrow with this tool and wait until it dries.
Lubricate the needle with varnish Lubricate the needle with a varnish
  • The hair spray can also save the situation. Simply sprinkle the arrow at them.
Spray with varnish Spray with varnish
  • Soap - wipe off the appeared arrow and allow to dry.
  • You can also simply shoot the with with threads. Only do it carefully, without missing a loop.

How to sew pantyhose imperceptibly: an arrow, a hole?

To sew an unnoticeable arrow or hole on pantyhose, you will need:

  • Threads that match the color of tights
  • Needle
  • Magnifying glass

The procedure is as follows:

  • Prepare the needle with a thread.
  • Pull the edges of the lower end of the hole or arrows.
  • Pull the thread through all the hinges so that the arrow does not go the other way. For this purpose, you will need a glass.
  • Treat the joint with a colorless varnish.

Even the neatest seam will be visible. Therefore, if the hole or arrow is in a prominent place, then such pantyhose is better to immediately throw out or leave for household needs.

How to remove the tightening, the hook on pantyhose?

Tightening and clues spoil the appearance of tights. And they very quickly turn into holes and arrows. If you notice such a flaw in your pantyhose, then try to smooth it. So you can save only fresh puffs. Otherwise, immediately throw out tights.

Such hooks quickly turn into holes Such hooks quickly turn into holes

To ensure that the tightening does not turn into an arrow, you can use the same colorless varnish. He will stop for a while the process of formation of holes in pantyhose.

How to remove spools from pantyhose?

Spools arise with long wearing of tights and frequent washing. To get rid of them you can use a special machine to remove the spools. It easily and accurately removes such defects.

The machine for cleaning the spools

with the help of a razor. Using a razor, you can also remove the spools from tights. To do this, take a Soviet razor with a detachable blade and carefully draw along the pantyhose. With a conventional machine, this can be done more quickly.

How to wash kapron tights with your hands and in the typewriter?

The nylon pantyhose should be washed after each use. Proper washing will prolong the service of your pantyhose. When hand washing, use warm water and detergent. Soak the pantyhose for 25 minutes. In this solution.

After changing the water and washing again using a detergent. It is good to rinse the pantyhose and then hang it dry.

Washing of tights in a typewriter Wash tights in the machine

In the washing machine, tights should only be washed in cool water .The mode should be gentle. It is better to choose delicate washing. A pouch for laundry will protect them from the formation of hooks and spools.

How to quickly dry kapron tights?

Dry the tights quickly with terry towel. It absorbs moisture well and prevents tights from deforming. You just need to wrap this product in a towel and twist it. In 20 minutes. Tights already almost dry.

The fastest way to dry tights The fastest way to dry tights

On air kapron tights are drying up even faster. It is enough to just hang them on the bottom and leave them in this position for a few minutes. A more radical method is the use of hair dryer .He will dry pantyhose for a short period of time.

How to whiten white nylon pantyhose?

After long wear, white pantyhose gets a gray tint or is strongly dirty. Expensive washing aids quickly solve this problem. But not everyone can afford it. Therefore, several cheap ways to fix this problem should be considered:

  • Household soap - they were all washed before. To do this, massage the pantyhose with this soap and let them lie down. After half an hour just wash them and rinse.
  • Chlorine or bleach - with this tool you need to be careful. Sometimes after this method things get a yellowish shade. Therefore, it's better to check this method first on things that you do not want to throw away later.
  • With boric acid it is also possible to wash white tights. To do this, add three spoons of this product to the water and soak tights in it for an hour.
  • If you add mustard powder to the wash, white tights will become whiter.
  • Nylon and peroxide well wash your pantyhose and will remove difficult spots.
Wash white tights with the specified means Wash white tights with the specified means

How to wash the tights that have stained from the shoes?

In this case, it is better to immediately return the shoes to the store. Pantyhose can be saved in several ways:

  • Wipe dirty places with soap and leave in this condition for 10 minutes. Then put them in hot water. It is not necessary to keep a long time in this position, because pantyhose can lose shape.
  • To remove paint from pantyhose, use ultrasonic washing machines. They are irreplaceable for washing such things. It is enough to soak pantyhose in water and leave for the night with the included washing machine. In the morning, gently spread the stains, and rinse the thing.

How to wear women's pantyhose?

Nylon pantyhose is an indispensable thing for girls and women in the cool season. They allow you to wear skirts and dresses in autumn, winter, and spring. But how to properly dress such a fragile and delicate thing is not known to everyone.

Kapron is a very elastic material, but it is prone to the formation of puffs and arrows. To avoid such flaws on your favorite pantyhose, they should be properly and neatly dressed:

  • First take one piece of tights and collect on hand.
  • When you reach the toe, then gently begins to dress this design on the foot.
  • Do not rush, pull the claws in turn: first stop, then the shin, thigh.
  • With the second part, do the same manipulation.
Wear tights correctly Wear panty hose correctly

How to tidy up pantyhose unnoticed?

It happens that pantyhose can slip slightly and interfere with walking. In a secluded nook, they are easy to pull up. And if this happened in a crowded place and there is no place to hide there? In this situation, brave girls can arrange an erotic show and sexually pull up this element of clothing.

Try to pull pantyhose imperceptibly Try to pull pantyhose invisibly

To do this discreetly, you should try to do this through the top - just fix the jacket. In doing so, try to tighten the elastic band of tights. If you want to raise them on your feet, then try to grab them through the skirt. At the same time pretend that you are correcting the skirt itself, and not tights.

How to stretch kapron pantyhose in length and width?

Bought tights in some cases are small. This often happens when choosing the wrong size. But do not despair. This product can be stretched in length and width, so that afterwards it will fit you:

  • Small pantyhose can be dipped in water and put on. After drying, they will get your size.
  • Leave the tights at night on bottles with hot water.

How to reduce kapron tights?

You can reduce nylon tights in several ways:

  • Wash in a washing machine at 50 ° C.
  • Soak overnight in hot water.
  • Wet and put on.

It is better to get rid of such pantyhose or leave it to better times.

How nice to tear pantyhose?

The fashion for torn pantyhose returns to the 90's. Therefore, many girls are wondering how beautiful it is to tear pantyhose. If you have kapron pantyhose with arrows and holes, then they fit for this business. First select the option that you will display on pantyhose:

  • Huge holes - for this option it is better to take mesh tights. In the right places, just cut the strings.
Huge holes Huge holes

· Small holes - they can be made using a round metal product. It is necessary to heat the metal and lean against the capron.
· Holes and arrows - any object with uneven sharp edges will do. Just spend it on pantyhose.

Small holes, holes with arrows Small holes, holes with arrows

How to make sure that tights do not tear?

After buying nylon pantyhose, many are worried about the rapid formation of holes and arrows. To prolong the life of this element of clothing, it follows tights immediately after the acquisition, put on 2 hours in the freezer. This contributes to the tightening of nylon threads and reduces the likelihood of the formation of hooks and arrows.

To pantyhose there were no holes and shooters put them in the freezer So that there are no holes on the pantyhose and shooters put them in the freezer

The dress sticks to pantyhose - what should I do?

When wearing synthetics, there is an "electricity", which allows the dress to stick to pantyhose. To solve this problem, you can use antistatic .This tool is better to use outdoors. It has a specific odor and harmful substances for inhalation. Alternatively, use the following methods:

  • Rinse things in water with the addition of vinegar.
  • Hair balm can also solve this problem - just mix the vinegar and balsam, dilute this mixture and rinse the stuff in it.
  • Salt and citric acid in relation to 1 tsp per 10 liters of water will save things from sticking.
A universal tool Universal tool

How to store socks and pantyhose in a closet?

Correctly laid out socks and tights save space in the closet and allow you to quickly find the right thing. These products are better to store in small departments of .So they will always be in their place. In this case, tights will not be confused with each other.

If it is not possible to divide these things into departments, then the socks should be stored in pairs .Less chance of losing one sock. Pantyhose is best twisted with a roller and stacked in a closet vertically.

Keep socks and tights you can just in the closet You can store socks and tights in the

cabinet. For storing socks and tights, there are special organizers .They are a box with many compartments. Such a thing is easy to arrange in the closet. You can also use hangers to store tights. Round hangers with clothespins will allow socks to always hang in pairs.

Or in special organizers Or in special organizers

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