How to make a cap out of a newspaper, a cap with a visor, a cap and a hat? Headgear from the newspaper with your own hands: schemes

The newspaper is an excellent material for making headdress. The newspaper cap, panama or hat will always protect your head from the sun or during repairs. Simple and understandable schemes of products from the newspaper are presented in this article.


  • Hats from the newspaper: what happen?
  • How to make a paper hat to repair: the addition circuit
  • As a newspaper to make a cap with a visor:
  • circuit How to make cap from the newspaper?
  • How to make a Panama from the newspaper: Addition diagram
  • How to make a pirate hat from a newspaper?
  • How to make a cowboy hat out of a newspaper?
  • Video: "The cap of the newspaper»

Hats from the newspaper: what happen?

idea to create of newsprint hats originated in the days of the USSR.At that time, people tried to invent a one-time object of using from improvised tools.

Newspaper, as it turned out, is easy to fold and model .From it very quickly you can build a hat, hat, visor and even a cap.

worth knowing for what, in fact, need such


  • cap of newspaper easily replace headdress on a hot sunny day: a parade, the march, in camp, in any case, under the open sky. The newspaper cap does not allow penetrating through itself to direct ultraviolet rays and to worsen a person's state, as well as overheating.
  • visor or hat , made of paper, will help anyone during the repair of an apartment or house. The fact is that any kind of repair work: putty, whitewashing, gluing on wallpaper walls, plaster, is associated with liquid building materials. Often you have to work with high surfaces and ceiling. That any building material does not hit the head, do not spoil the hair, as well as face, make a "quick" headgear from the newspaper. Such a cap will protect the hair safely and it is not a shame to throw it out after work.
  • Hats, caps or caps serve as a beautiful decorative decoration. Such products can be painted with artistic colors, giving an aesthetic appearance. After that, the subject can be used for installations, stage productions, other creative ideas, games.

Kinds of headgear from the newspaper:

double-sheeted newspaper's self-made hat
Newsprint headpiece
Headgear from the newspaper is an indispensable thing for children and adults
Variety newspaper hats for the head of any occasion
creative approach to the creation of hats from newspaper

How to make a paper hat to repair: the addition circuit

As already mentioned, the capFor the head protection during repair is an indispensable thing. It can be worn by both women and men. Dense folding of paper will not allow the cap to turn around or lose its appearance throughout the whole working day.

Making a cap follows from the most common, thick newspaper .You can also use several sheets of the newspaper to make the product denser. A qualitative sheet of paper will make it possible to create an "strong" product.

Newspaper cap protects the head and human hair during repair work from dirt

Make the correct and accurate cap for repair help scheme:

Hat from the newspaper for repair, scheme number 1
Hat from the newspaper for

can be used as a replacement for the head of the for a child or an adult. to such a method to protect the head from the bright sun often resort kindergarten teachers and teachers to protect the child without this cap or a hat.

Diagrams of the product should be known to every adult person, because at any time with him such an unpleasant situation can happen. You should always have an way of protecting yourself and your loved ones from the bright and scorching sun.

Schemes for creating a newspaper head for the head:

Newsprint canopy, detailed diagram No. 1
Newsprint canopy, detailed diagram No. 2
Newsprint canopy, detailed diagram No. 3

How to make a cap from a newspaper?

cap from the newspaper - is the easiest hat, which can be made from scrap materials. To do this, the newspaper can help or even the most common album, notebook paper.

Depending on the size of the cap, it can be used as:

  • Protection against bright sun for children and adults
  • Protection against head contamination during repair
  • Decorative element or stage performance attribute

Makepretty neat cap help for detailed diagrams:

cap from the newspaper, clear and easy procedure to follow product
classical scheme caps from a newsprint
Make a cap of gass very simple

How to make a hat out of newspaper: adder

Panama from newspaper - is another option headdress various applications. It differs in that it has small fields , capable of giving a shadow over the eyes or protecting from drops.

In order to minimize the hat requires a double large sheet of paper and the whole scheme is correct.

Schemes Panama from newspaper:

detailed diagram of folding paper to Panama
Panama from newspaper articles circuits

How to make a paper pirate hat?

Pirate hat from the newspaper - is primarily a decorative element. This hat, of course, can be used for its "useful" purposes, but it is unlikely you will want to extreme conditions to spend a lot of time on needlework.

Schemes of creating a "pirate hat" from the newspaper:

Pirate hat on the head made of the newspaper
Pirate cap from the newspaper, the scheme of the

How to make a cowboy hat out of the newspaper?

newspaper Beautiful cowboy hat - a true work of art. To the product was strong, it can cover the surfactant paste( a mixture of flour and water, glue home production) or PVA glue. After that, use artistic colors that can give the product a realistic look and volume.

IMPORTANT: When creating such a hat, you may need not only glue, but also a stapler!

Cowboy hat made from the newspaper

Diagram of the cowboy hat from the newspaper:

The hat can be made from the newspaper

Video: "Cap from the newspaper"