Jackets for boys, demi-season and winter on Alyexpress - fashion 2017: review. Sale of children's jackets for boys at Aliexpress - winter, spring, autumn: an overview, a catalog with a price, photo

From the article you will learn how to register for Aliexpress and how to make your first order. Also we will tell you how to buy a jacket for a boy with the maximum discount.


  • How do I register and place an order for Aliexpress?
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  • Children's jackets for boys winter on Alyexpress 2017
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  • Children's jackets with Aliexpress: reviews
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Aliexpress is an ideal place for family s

hopping. Here you can easily find an inexpensive, but high-quality and comfortable jacket for your child. All you need to do in this case is just go to the children's clothes section and choose the category of outerwear and coat.

After that, you will see a page on which you can select the color, type of fabric and print of the future purchase. Once you find the right thing, you will only need to place an order. To do this, you will need to choose a payment method and specify your address.

How do I register and make an order for Aliexpress?

An example of the correct filling of a profile on the website AliExpress

So, you found a nice trendy jacket for your beloved boy, but do not know how to buy it? If you make your first purchase on this site, then first you need to register and only after that it is in your "Personal account" to arrange the goods you like.

Registration rules:

  • First go to the main page of the website AliExpress and find the word "Registration" in the upper right corner. Without hesitation, click on it and begins to fill the opened form with Latin letters.
  • Before you open a page where you will need to specify your name, surname, e-mail address, and the password for accessing the site.
  • Then again carefully check the correctness of writing your data and click the button "Create your profile" .After that, a letter must come to your e-mail to confirm registration.
  • Once you go to the post office and click on the link, your account will be activated and you can easily search for a jacket for your son and place an order in your office.

Also for the first order you can register and get acquainted with the video instructions on the purchase of goods on the official website of AliExpress here .

Jackets for boys on Aliekspress - Spring autumn 2017

2016-spring-autumn-new-fashion-children-boys-jackets-coats-for-3-10-children-top-clothes-waterproof.jpg_640x640 Fashionable spring jacket for a boy with a geometric print

  • spring and autumn the weather is quite unstable in the morning can shine bright sun, and closer to the dinnerIt can already rain and blow a cold wipe. Therefore, it is very important that the overcoat of your child could easily protect it from dampness and slush. On the website of AliExpress you can easily find models from non-shrinking fabric with a hood , which will make of your little boy a stylish young gentleman.
  • If you want the jacket to protect the baby even more from the changeable weather, then pick up the model with the fabric cuffs and a soft, pleasant fleece, fleece or jersey lining. But, perhaps, the most profitable investment will be the trendy two-way model this season.
  • This jacket will definitely help your child look as beautiful and stylish as possible. In case you are looking for a simpler thing, then pay your attention to the sporty cut, the waterproof model with a bright print. In them, the child will be comfortable walking in any weather.

Catalog with demisezonnymi jackets for boys on Aliexpress can be found here.

Children's winter jackets for Alyexpress 2017

Stylish muffs of the blue color

  • Although two calendar months before the calendar winter, it's necessary to start preparing for snow and low temperatures right now. Aliexpress offers its customers a huge selection of fashionable winter jackets for boys. In the winter of 2017, the down jackets will be in fashion again. If you are not constrained in the means, you can purchase for your child a model with a filler made from natural fluff.
  • In case you consider such clothes a waste of money, then you can choose for the child a more budgetary variant with a synthetic filler .This jacket will also be lightweight, unproductive and wear-resistant. The hit of this winter will be the almost weightless membrane models , which let the body breathe, but do not let cold frosty air pass through it.
  • Another practical solution is a practical thermo jacket made from dirt repellent material. For more convenience of your baby choose models with fleece lining and a quality synthetic filler.

The catalog with children's winter jackets for boys on Aliexpress can be found here.

Snowboard jacket for children for boys on the Aidexpress

Snowboard jacket for the

  • Winter waterproof snowboard jackets are also on display in a huge number on the website Alyekspress. Here you can find outer clothing of completely different price category and color scheme. But, perhaps, the biggest demand is the models from polyester , treated with a special water-repellent substance.
  • They are very convenient to wear, care and that is important for children, they look very bright and effective. If you plan to use this model exclusively for snowboarding, then spend your time and find the jacket with the backstage of the on your hands and waist.
  • Also pay special attention to the collar. He should in no case be detached. The snowboard jacket should have a collar-stand that will protect the baby's neck from rubbing and not let the cold air get under the jacket.

Catalog with jackets for snowboarding for boys on Aliexpress you can see here.

Children's down jackets for boys on the Aliexpress

Comfortable winter down jacket for the boy

  • As already mentioned a little higher down jacket will be in trend this winter. Therefore, you can quite calmly choose an ultra-light model on which the baby will feel comfortable in any frost. The only thing you have to decide in this case is the style.
  • At Aliekspress are down jackets of perfect different tailoring. Here you can choose for your child a fashionable shortened model with patch pockets and a neat hood trimmed with natural fur. If this style does not suit you, then buy a monochrome elongated down jacket of a bottle, black or melange finish.
  • If you choose single-color model , then this style will suit even a teenager. In case you are looking for a jacket for a pre-school boy, then choose for him an down jacket with a bright geometric print and drapery in the form of a cartoon applique.

Catalog with children's warm jackets for boys for Aliexpress can look here .

For the first order, you can register and read the video instructions on how to purchase the product on official website of AliExpress here .

Children's winter jackets for boys: sale in Aliexpress

Sale of children's clothing for boys at the Aliexpress

  • Periodically, sales are delivered to Aliexpress, which allow you to purchase goods at a discount of up to 50%.So if you want to buy a winter jacket for a boy at a ridiculous price, then take a look at the Hot Products section of the , and see if there is anything suitable for your child.
  • But even if you can not find the right thing the first time, do not get too upset, try to subscribe to the mailing list and your e-mail will receive information about all sales. It is likely that over time you will be able to find on the site the perfect jacket that will be worth the ridiculous money.
  • In case you can not find in this section, then what are you looking for, then wait for the so-called Black Friday on the Aliexpertse .This year it will be held on November 11.On this day, discounts for winter jackets for boys will reach even 90%.

Jackets demi boys: sale of spring and autumn 2017 in Aliekspress

Sale demi-season jackets for boys Aliekspress

  • Since winter is just around the corner, the trading platform vendors Alieksperss beginSale of jackets for boys autumn - spring. In view of if you want to take care of the next season already, then you can try to buy top clothes with a mega discount of 95%.But remember, if you want to buy a demi-season jacket for your child as cheaply as possible, then you must first look through the price list and choose the right thing.
  • You can do this quite easily, because the goods in the section "Almost for nothing" start to appear again at 9.30 am Moscow time. And since the action itself starts only at 10.00, you will have half an hour to figure out whether your child will choose the jacket you choose or not. As soon as the button "Buy " appears under the selected product, immediately press it without hesitation.
  • Because, as a rule, the goods in this section are sold in the first minutes of the start of the sale. In case you do not have time to buy the item you liked, then you will have to wait for the next time. But it will not be very long to wait. Such sales on Alyekspress are arranged every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.

The catalog of children's demi-season jackets for boys on Алиэйкспресс it is possible to look here.

Fashionable leather jackets for children for boys

Leather jacket for boy

If you want to buy a truly versatile thing, then pick up your leather jacket for your child .In this case, once spent, you will receive a thing that your son can wear in the fall and winter. Try to find on Aliekspress qualitative leather jacket on the support , which is unfastened. This model will be a good idea to protect the child from the winter cold, and with the arrival of heat you can easily enough transform it into light spring clothes.

The only drawback of leather products is their scanty color scheme. But all this can be compensated for by an interesting finish. If you choose model with neat collar-stand , originally trimmed with steel rivets and zippers, your young gentleman will feel in it, like a real adult man.

Catalog with leather children's jackets for boys on Aliexpress can look here .

Children's jackets parks for boys on the Aliexpress

Children's park

  • Recently, there have become very popular jackets parks .These practical and comfortable models look equally well on any figure and, most importantly, reliably protect from the cold. But if earlier on the Internet it was possible to buy parks only for adults, now models for the youngest ones also appeared.
  • Trading platform Alyekspress offers you a huge selection of children's pairs at very low prices, high enough quality. Although this jacket has a fairly simple cut and the silhouette does not prevent it from looking very stylish and original. Children like this model very much.
  • As the parks have a lot of pockets, it allows the boys to take almost all their treasures for a walk. Park as well as leather jacket can be universal. If you get a model with detachable lining, you can wear it all year round.

Catalog with children's park jackets for boy on Aliexpress can look here.

Children's jackets with a hood for the boy on the Aidexpress

Comfortable jacket for the hooded boy

  • The child's jacket with a hood is relevant for any season. The model of such a plan will look equally good at a child of any age. In case you buy such a jacket exclusively for the winter, then choose clothes that have the hood securely sewn into the top of the product by the .
  • Such a design allows you to reliably protect the head and neck of the child from cold dank wind. If you buy outerwear for autumn or spring, then you can safely choose the models with the hood attached to the main product with the lightning or buttons. In this case, if necessary, you literally one movement can unfasten it, thus making the outer clothing easier.
  • As we live in a rather windy climate, it would be nice to have an hood with an additional rubber band all around its circumference. Such a detail will ensure the maximum contact of the scalp with the product itself, and will not allow the wind to get inside.

Catalog with children's jackets with a hood for boys on Aliexpress can be found here.

This model will be an excellent alternative to autumn-spring windbreaks made of polyester. Depending on the preferences of your child, you can choose for him either a one-color product, or the maximum bright, with colorful applications of .

In case you decide to buy bomb for the winter, then give preference to products made of leather. Before buying make sure that the selected jacket has a high-quality lining and elastic band around the waist. It is these, not very important at first glance, details that will help your child to be as safe as possible from winter cold.

Catalog with jacket bombers for boys on Aliexpress can look here.

Jacket with detachable sleeves for boys, a vest on AliExpress

Children demi jacket with detachable sleeves

jacket with detachable sleeves is ideal for the off-season. While on the street there will be warm weather, you can calmly unhook your sleeves and make a comfortable waistcoat out of it. In it, your child can play on the playground, go down the hill and ride a bike. But the most pleasant thing is that on the website Aliexpertse you can find even winter models with removable sleeves.

In this case jacket transformer will be required to have a fur lining and a deep hood. If desired, you can choose for your child model with a removable hood .In such products a special valve is provided, which will protect the delicate skin of the baby's neck from rubbing.

Catalog with jacket vests for boys on Aliexpress can be viewed here .

Denim Jackets for boys on Aliekspress

Denim jackets

non-military will be difficult to find odezhy more popular than denim. For quite a long time both adults and children with great pleasure wear clothes made from this practical material. Buy a denim thing now you can absolutely in any city. Aliexpress is also no exception and offers you a huge selection of jeans jackets for boys for autumn, winter and spring.

These comfortable and unpretentious products are liked by both mothers and children. They are convenient for running, jumping and just walking. If you want your child to stand out among his peers, then pick up for him the combo model , which has inserts made of leather, suede or knitwear.

Catalog with jeans jackets for the boy on Aliexpress can be viewed here .

Children's Jackets with Aliekspress: reviews

Marina: the first time decided to buy on the internet chose this site for Aliekspress. I literally immediately found on it a beautiful jacket with a hood for my little son. I made an order and received a long-awaited thing before the first cooling. While my purchase was on the road, I was always worried about its quality, but as soon as I got it, I realized that all my fears were in vain. The jacket that arrived was of excellent quality and ideally sat on my child. We wear our new clothes for more than a month and everyone is happy.

Veronica: Since I am a very busy mom, the more often your purchases are made via the Internet, it is much more convenient than running for hours with the child at the stores, and then with nothing to come home tired. I order children's clothes on AliExpress regularly and have never received bad and poor-quality clothes. Now I'm looking for a winter jacket khaki parka. I liked the style and pleasantly surprised the price( much lower than in the nearest shopping center) Therefore, we have already issued an order and look forward to receiving a fashion new thing.

For the first order, you can register and see the video instructions on how to purchase a product on the official website Aliekspress here .

Video: Winter jacket with Aliexpress